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WESTPAC Online Banking Login - Sign In/ Sign up

How to Login Westpac Internet Banking / Sign In/ Sign up:
Westpac online banking is like having a personal teller available for you 24x7 hours. All that is required are a laptop, desktop or mobile and an Internet connection and you have access to your bank account in your own time. Facilities of online banking are as listed below,
  • Merge transaction and view accounts
  • Check your progress towards any financial goal
  • Monitor your pay check  and other credits
  • Receive bank statements in time for your tax clearance
  • Associate  all your bills and pay off easily
  • Regular updating of your particulars like address, account, etc.

Firstly, for online banking registration one must be registered for telephone banking. Call 132 032 anytime for telephone banking. Westpac provides you with a customer number and a temporary password for Internet banking. You may be asked to change your temporary password, the first time you sign in and also to complete your Online banking registration formalities.

  • Open Internet browser
  • Go to the webpage
  • Press ENTER to turn on Forms mode
  • Type the 8 digit customer number
  • Press NUM PAD PLUS
  • Use the keypad on the webpage to type your 6 digit password
  • After completing the password press CONTROL+ END
  • You reach the end of the page 
  • Press SHIFT+B to sign in and press SPACEBAR

NOTE: If you take too long to fill your password and user Id, the web session will ‘time out’ and you will have to reload the webpage.

If you are signing in for the first time, you may be asked to change your password. You have to abide by some rules while changing your password,
  • It must be of 6 characters (A-Z, a-z or 0-9)
  • Must have one number and one letter
  • Should not have any special character e.g. &, # etc.
  • Should not be in simple format like AAAAAA or 123456
  • Your new password should not be the same as your old one

Next you enter the banking menu which provides a series of links to a range of online banking activities through which you can navigate easily.

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