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Credit Card Dispute Laws and Resolution Process for Chargeback

How to do process for dispute credit card charges? – Rules and Solutions:
You have the benefit to dispute against any unauthorized and fraudulent charges. A credit card company may also do it on your behalf. Some of the charges that you might be dealing with are:
  1. charge for items you did not purchase at all.
  2. you have been charged twice for a purchase.
  3. you did not receive the product which you ordered for.
  4. you have received a bad quality product.
  5. you failed to receive any refund.

Visas as well as master card both companies offer zero liability policies; you are not liable for any charges that you have not actually occurred. Sum of the ways to dispute a credit card charge may be as follows:

The first step you can take is to directly talk to the store of which the products are. You may be able to correct the mistake there only by showing proper documents and get rid of the unwanted charge there itself.  If this does not work next step would be to contact the credit card company but do it as soon as it appears on your bill if you do it after paying your bill it may be too late for you and the procedure might get longer and difficult for you. Hence contact the company as soon as you get to know about the unwanted charge in your bill before paying the same.

Also remember to give an application in writing for your dispute and submit all necessary documents required for the same. You might also be asked by the company to fill up a form in a prescribed manner which is necessary for the complaint please do it. And also co-operate with the person helping you in the procedure.

The procedure might take few days to get resolved, you have to be patient and not keep bugging the person all the time as he might get annoyed and reject your dispute without due attention.

If you have credit card charge make sure it is a valid one. If not then it might get you in trouble. The fair credit biting act lets you dispute billing errors directly with your credit card company. You can also complain to the federal trade commission and sue the company or the trader if the dispute is not resolved properly.

When your dispute has been solved be sure that you show your appreciation to your credit card company to co-operate with you and help you to get your dispute resolved.

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