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Cooking Job for the Department Of Agriculture Forest Service USA

Cooking Job for the Department Of Agriculture Forest Service USA:
Job Title: Vacancy for Cook
Department: Agriculture department
Agency: Forest Service
SALARY BASE: $16.67 to $16.67 / Per Hour
OPEN PERIOD: till Wednesday, December 05, 2012
POST INFORMATION: Intermittent -for Temporary, not more than 6 Months
DUTY LOCATIONS: Many vacancies in Forest Service - Job Corp Locations

  • For this post of cook, applications for this post of job through an on-line applicant assessment system.
  • This post is made for Forest Service Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center.
  • Cook is for the purpose of making, in a healthy environment, a large variety of food that’s may be hot or cold for groups of large sizes.
  • The applicant may have to do a broad variety of food processing work and cooking tasks to make regular and special diet entrees.
  • Several items in menu need critical techniques or multiple preparation steps.
  • And make proper arrangement for preserving and taking care of temperature for hot and cold foods.
  • Cook has to Plan for the cooking process, and also have to adapt making methods with the available equipment.
  • Also look after in work like delivery or receipts of the inventory or items.
  • And also make suitable arrangement for inventory of food.
Qualification needs:
  • The applicants for the post of cook will be selected on their ability to perform the task or set of duties of the post more than the quality or length of experience.
  • The applicants will get rate or rank on the basis of their excellence or knowledge.
  • Cook must have ability to follow the proper work practices.
  • Accurate knowledge of use of proper materials for making of food.
How to get evaluate:
  • The applicants who are suitably qualified as per job and have well enough experience to job.
For more details and apply please visit this link:

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