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KVB Net Banking Login - Karur Vysya Bank Online Services

KVB is one of the earliest banks in the country to achieve full networking of its branches under Core Banking Solutions. It was established in 1916 by M.A. Venkatarama chettiar and Athi Krishna Chettiar. It is a privately held Indian Bank. This bank also offered many facilities like Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

Karur Vysya Bank introduced many banking facilities like Personal Banking, Corporate Banking, NRI Banking and Agricultural Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and also Present Interest Rates. KVB get Best bank Awards from Business world because they provide many nice and unique services and facilities.

If you want to access for internet banking accounts, the customer must want to user ID and password to log in into Net Banking. And this ID and password is provided by the Bank and using it you can enter in the Net banking services. And you also provides separates login for personal banking and corporate account.

Using Net Banking you pay online TAX through Internet from anywhere to any way also you pay Electrical Bill or many online payment is done through the Net banking facility. Also Online Train Ticket and Air ticket Booking. KVB provide and protect all the online banking activities. They provide strong security methods.

Karur Vysya Bank also informs the some security tips to protect your personal Account and your banking statement. You also done the transaction go on their website

KVB provide you world class option for banking services. They offered many services like Account details, Online Account statements, Transfer or fund Online, Online details or contact customer service. Also introduced fast and safe payment option or phone Bill payment and Internet service provider.

After done the transaction you can receive a statement of account by can receive your e-statement at your request and convenience. If any problem is accurse than you may contact the branch where you have your account and register for the service by providing your e-mail id also. Internet banking is available to all individuals, including both resident and non-resident Indians and Hindu Undivided Families as well as to Partnership firms and Corporate.

Now a day’s net Banking is very useful because it is time consuming facilities you can transfer funds or done any transaction without any time restriction and also it is not wasting of time and money, all transaction are done smoothly and easily. KVB was most efficient small Bank by Business; it is Best Cost Efficient Private Sector Bank.

Know about Justin Bieber’s Phone Number, Contact Details 2019

What is Justin Bieber’s Real cell phone number?
The young celebrity Jastin Bieber got all the success in the world for which he may dream. And his performance & singing quality attracts large mass of audience. In such a small age he is having large number of fans towards his stardom.

Now a day there are many rumours that Jastin Bieber had given his cell number, ths all are wrong the famous celebrity JB must be not gave his private number to the public. Because he is having zillion fans. That must be his commercial number; his private number is only for his close one – for his family & friend.

On net there is number available of JB God knows maybe it’s right or wrong, the number is  217-218-3133. The news also says that Jastin himself twitted his number to his 19 million fans. And JB also answers to the every call.

Superstar’s one fan left voice SMS & she said I know, i am calling you late, I Love You, I just got your number. His all fans want to get JB’s cell number; I mean who don’t want to have a private number of famous celebrities? Who wants to leave the chance to talk with the celebrity?

But the question is still the same is this right cell number of JB, & he is really talking with his Fans?

Justin Bieber's Latest Interview Video From Youtube:

Golden Village Cinema Singapore Showtimes – GV Movies Now Showing

This particular site is the number one preference to the movie lovers because the site comes with the all type of features which makes it as preferring site for the users. Golden Village Cinema Singapore site comes with various features such as the advance booking of the movie tickets, the upcoming movies, cinemas, movie vouchers, gift cards and the promotions advertisements are also created so that the user can get the right information at right time and the user can get the plan according to it. also comes with the air tickets and traveling related guide too. The advance ticketing can be booked according to the cinema the day and the time and the ticket is booked for the user on the spot. The present showing movie and the timing of it are also created to the user and the user can get the planning done.

The user are also provided with the sneak preview so that the user can get the rating and decide whether to have the movie on the show or not this also helps the user to get the right movie selected according to their taste. The upcoming films advertisement is also provided.

The use is provided with the all type of movies running in some of the particular theater and the relater rates for the particular movie with some of the information such as the rate in the particular theater and the timing and the seats available. The additional promotions are also done through the additional schemes for particular time and the various offers and coupons are provided so that the user is always kept interested.

Buy online movie tickets and check golden village cinema showtimes at

Golden Village Cinema Singapore Contact Number:  +65 6311 9162

Movie Club Ad

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EYE Divine Cybermancy Walkthrough Gamefaqs and Review

E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy is an action packed role playing, first person shooter video game created by French Streum on Studio team. This cyberpunk themed game took two years to develop before being released for Windows PC on July 29, 2011 via Steam.

The game is futuristic in nature with a storyline of humanity being involved in an interplanetary battle with a mysterious race and a psionicentity that turns the people against each other thus, threatening the very existence of the universe.The player plays as an E.Y.E. agent who is a member of elite and secret army of psi-cybernetic warrior monks founded by SecretaSecretorum.

This agent is imbued with cybernetics, psionic training, has access to advanced technology and has the DNA of the only known member of advanced civilians ever to be captured and killed. The fight is against the powerful Federation, a conglomerate of corporations, several worlds and planets that represent the current human government and rule dictatorially.

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy features PvP, Team vs. Team, and co-op online multiplayer modes. Players can carry over their character statistics and abilities acquired through their single-player campaigns for their use in multi-player combats.

E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy has received mixed reviews with 64 out of 100 at metacritic. Though it has been praised for its originality, versatility, variety and captivity; it has also been criticized for its tiresome mechanics, confusing interface and poorly translated English text elements. Gamespot rated the game 7 out of 10 while GameSpy rated it 80 out of 100, unlike IGN which was more critical by giving 50 out of 100 rating.

Though E.Y.E. has a stronghold as a hard core, no hand holding PC games but lack of focus, poor A.I. and other issues takes away the charm of being a must- play game.

Gameplay Trailer:

EYE Divine Cybermancy Walkthrough Video:

CreditSafe Co UK Login – Check Company Credit Report/ Review

CreditSafe Co UK Login – Check Company Credit Report/ Review
The credit safe provides the on line financial status of the various companies to the investor. The other companies if interested in investing any particular type of company, then the needed information is provided through the credit safe. Due to the information provided through the site the investing companies gets the low amount of bad debt through. The capital structure and the debt repayment mode of the company is generated and provided to the customers.

The personal login section is provided to the user so that the full facility can be provided to the user. The information is provided to the user according to the need and the specific information needed through the profile. The site gets the credit, marketing, international   solutions and the free company report is provided to the user.

The company provides the credit solution of various company credit reports, consumer report, risk tracking and the image documents. Under the head of marketing solution the company provides the prospect data, email data and the data cleaning. The international solutions such as protecting your company when dealing with companies abroad with affordable access to company credit report in over 129 countries.

The site also provides the free company report for access a free comprehensive company credit report on a UK company of your choice Includes credit rating and limit and CCJ. The credit safe have recently introduced credit safe credit net a new way of delivering a new way of delivering affordable company report across 28 countries spanning Europe and Northern America. In addition credit reports are available through our online and offline channels worldwide.

If the user have to get the demonstration of the particular product then the request a demonstration section has to be filled out the information such as the contact number, company name, phone number and the email id has to be provided and the product has to be selected and the submit button has to press.
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Nail Polish Trends – Easy NailPolish Designs do it yourself at Home

Nail Polish Trends – Easy NailPolish Designs do it yourself at Home
‘Nail Art’ is becoming popular and easiest way to protect your nail, you can express your Moods and Feelings with the help of Nail art, and it’s a Beautiful way to Spice up your Look. Nail polish started traditionally in clear, red, pink and brown.

And now it’s like ‘Fashion means’ amazing new ‘Nail Art’. Now you can also create beautiful, unique designs to brighten up your nails in your own home with a little practice and a lot of patience.

How to Make Nail Polish - Nail Art Basics Steps
1) Select the best products
2) Search new ideas and techniques
3) Get your materials ready
4) First apply to nails a base coat
5) Make nail art design on top of the base coat
6) Complete a top coat
7) Care for your art design

Try at your home with simple basic steps; apply new designs every day and express your Moods and Feelings…..

Video Guide for How to Apply Nail Polish

White Nail Art Design Tutorial

Vacancy for Team Staff by Charlestown Square Newcastle, NSW 2300 – Australia

Vacancy for team staff by Charlestown square

Job title: for the team staff

Job summary: for the customer service & for the call centre service

Salary base: salary is not specified

Type of the work: casual in nature

Location of the work: Newcastle, NSW 2300

Job vacancy is provided by the advertiser Charlestown square agency. They are looking or searching for roaming staff of customer. This should be the biggest entertainment place in the Hunter.
  • The candidate should be expose or presented with the maturely outlook who has scope or willingness to do the work for the customer services
  • The candidates who are applying for the job, he/she must have the quality of good start or initiative.
  • The applicant must have skill of good communication with other fluently in English, on phone verbally. And good writing skill too with accuracy or no ambiguous should be there.
  • The nature of the candidate more reliable or realistic.
  • The candidate has ability to greet the customer well, good personality, good speech, and good communicator. The applicant must have ability to feel make shoppers welcome, that’s make them eager to approach to look like for help in pointed direction.
  • The applicant must have experience in similar related kind of customer service, which helps them to get the job easily.

For apply this job the applicant must have an appropriate Australian or New Zealand work visa.

For more details of how to apply visit here

Fairfax Company Sydney, Australia – Representative Vacancy

Representative for the customer service by the Fairfax Company

Job title: representative for customer service

Job summary: for the customer services at the call centre or for the other customer services

Salary base: not specified

Type of the work: for the casual

Location: Sydney Metro, NSW

The Fairfax media is the no.1 media of Australia. Which comprises several others classified business like Drive, RSVP, Invest Smart, and OMG. They are looking or searching for energetic & self motivated employees.
  • The company needs enthusiastic professionals for the customer services who serves or greets best to their customer.
  • The representatives who can assist to their manager in managing the property listing & also make booking there for the stay.
  • The representative should be with the full ability of phone manner, very strong sense in writing skills with accurately or no any ambiguous should be there.
  • The representative has to assist the enquiries of customer through phones & emails.
  • He/she also has to provide technical support in managing holidays for the property manager of estate agents.
  • Applicant must have ability to build a pro- active relation with the client or customer.
  • Also has to have knowledge of account related task- reconciliation.
The schedule of job working is from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 5.30 pm with the all potential public holidays.

It is the very excellent opportunity for the develop career in industrial leader.

For more details visit here

Mechanical drafter for the Multinational Engineering Group by the Global Talent Strategies - Perth Metro

Require Mechanical drafter for the Multinational Engineering Group by the Global Talent Strategies - Perth Metro

Job title: mechanical drafter

Salary base: from $80,000 - $90,000

Type of the work: require for the full time

Location of the job: Perth Metro, WA

Opening date: Tuesday, 16-10-2012

Closing date: not given, not specified.

Job summary: Engineering, for the development of product, or to make design or to draft Engineering

Advertiser: Global Talent Strategies

It is for the head manufacturing quarters & it is provides huge opportunities to develop or to make career, it involves manage or develop or changes in the career. It makes difference or distinctive from the other firm or agency.

The client from this company is known or familiar throughout the sector as heavy market leader. This also helps in make the high range of world-class & demands in support component & the other require accessories for the work of construction, oil & gas, mining, & other mineral process.

The company now provides the opportunity of very key important role of Mechanical drafter in the technical team.

The candidate has to do drafting for the mechanical work projects by using solid works & Auto CAD

The firm will have the following-
  • The company has demonstrated ability to make preparation for the detailed drawings.
  • The drafter has to make or maintain following drawing system of filing.
  • The drafter should make all preparation for the documents & proposals.
  • The candidate should have the ability of making drawings & the section of the drawings.
  • The candidate should also have ability to work in autonomous situation.
  • The candidates also have the excellent communication skills in both ways written or oral.
  • The candidate also has proficiency in AutoCAD & solid works.
  • The candidate should be the holder of degree of Mechanical Engineering Degree or Diploma.
  • The company also gives the recognition or reward for the good performance or for the best work.
The interested candidates for the job should apply - For more details of application visit at here.

Job Placement for Representative of Customer Service - Sydney Metro, NSW

Require Representative of customer service for freight forwarding by the People in Focus - Sydney Metro, NSW

Job title: representative for customer services

Job summary: for the transport & supply logistic, for freight forwarding, for the customer services of call centre

Salary base: $50,000 - $60,000

Type of the work: require for the full time

Location of job: Sydney Metro, NSW

Advertiser: Sharyn Waterworth Company

It is the very exciting chance to work for the boutique Freight Forwarder located in the CBD. And this organization provides healthy & friendly climate. This is also provides the modern working facilities, it is also provides the training & development facilities. Because of the continuous & constant growth, there is available of entry for senior customer service representative.

The job requires to provide or give customer related information or data enquiries or to also give assistant to the department of operation.

The applicant must have following qualities:
  • The candidate should have experience to work in Freight Forwarding that may be in operation or customer service department.
  • The candidate should be proficient in the EDI.
  • The applicant must have knowledge of computer in MS word/ Excel.
  • And also require proper communication skills that may be orally or written.
  • The candidate must have ability to work in team environment, proper customer service skills, also have to assist the people in other work.
  • The representatives have to maintain the records of the client.
  • The representative should update rates, prepare status report, handle the client enquiries, and manage the accounts, reporting.
This is the best work place where the applicant or employee gets the recognition with the reward for the dedicated employee of the staff. They offer the attractive remuneration facility.

The candidate for apply must have an appropriate Australian or New Zealand work visa.

For details and do application visit at here

How Do I Get a Passport Card Fast – Require Documents for Apply

Passport card, an alternative for the passport, is an initiative by taken by the US government to meet documentary requirements of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. Previously, it was also known as People Access Security Service Card, or PASS Card.

It is a wallet –sized identification card that proves US citizenship, valid for land and sea travel to and from Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean. This is, however, not valid for airline traveling. It acts as a valid proof of citizenship and identity for both inside and outside the United States.

Here is how to apply for a US Passport Card
  • Firstly, understand whether you need a Passport or Passport Card tomeet your traveling requirements.
  • Compare the cost of passport verses Passport Card. Current fees for a new passport is: Adult- $100 and Children under 16- $85; whereas, fees for Passport Card are: Adult- $45 and Children- $35. Renewal fees are: Passport- $75 and Passport Card- $20.
  • Though Passport Card is cheaper, for all International travelling and air travels you need a passport.
  • Provide documents and information regarding proof of US citizenship, as birth certificate or naturalisation certificates, two 2x2 inches passport photos with the mandatory application and execution fees. If you have a passport, you can submit it to apply for a Passport Card, and vice versa.
  • Complete the application form (DS-11) but don’t sign it till you are in front of a passport agent.
  • Applications can be submitted at any 9,300 Passport Application Acceptance Facilities, in person.
  • Your Passport Card will arrive by mail within four weeks. However, with extra fees of $20, you can avail expedited service within two weeks.
  • Passport Card is valid for 10 years for adults and % years for minors
  • It is a wallet sized card
Required Documents for Apply Passport Card
  • Passport application
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Two 2x2 passport photos
  • Application and processing fees

Axis Bank Net Banking Login | Online Banking Logon Page – Step by Step Guide

Axis Bank online banking login guide and steps for logon to axis online internet banking

About Axis Bank
Axis bank is one of the leading private sector banks with almost 1600 branches and 10,000 atms all over the world. Its registered office is at Ahmadabad and its central office is at Mumbai. They provide many services to their customer like personal banking, Corporate banking, pay bill, Online net-banking etc.

Today online net banking is spreading like anything because of it easy accessible features. Any person can easily access his or her account in a very easy way by sitting at any place of the world through online net- banking. Axis Bank too, provide online net banking and for availing this service one need to have only two things


How to get the username & password:
  • Collect the form from any branch or download the form from the site 
  • Complete the form by giving all your account details
  • Submit the form to the bank
  • In return they will give you the username and password
  • Then start using your online internet banking by the same user name and password
Once you start accessing your online internet banking, you can change your password as many times you want in order to provide security to your online banking and then after can take the benefit of online Internet banking

The following are the benefit one can avail through net banking
  1. Online money transfer
  2. Account statement
  3. Online shopping
  4. Can mail the request for issuing cheque book.
  5. Can apply for IPO, etc
The latest system which Axis bank is providing to the customers is of NETSECURE. This system added the security to the NET Banking. By using this NETSECURE one can ensure double security for his online transaction. One has to just get register for NETSECURE with the bank; in return they will provide NETSECURE code which will ensure you the security.

There are three types of NETSECURE ::  NETSECURE with SMS , NETSECURE with  web-pin, NETSECURE 1-touch. Out of this three one need to select any one before he registered with NETSECURE online.

Once if you get register for NETSECURE, one can also avail those services which he was not able to avail before following are those facility

Facility one can avail with NETSECURE:
  • Transfer of fund to other bank account
  • Transfer of fund to other Axis bank account
  • Transfer of fund to visit credit card
  • Recharge Mobile
  • Request to issue for Demand Draft (DD), etc.

Gangnam Style of PSY - Official Music Video for Gangnam Style on YouTube

Basics about song
Gangnam Style is a single by South Korean rapper Psy. Song was released on July 15 2012 as lead single of his sixth studio album PSY’s Best 6th Part 1. This video became so much famous that it was shared on internet by some of the famous personalities / celebrity including T-Pain, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Tom cruise and Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman. The video reached 400 million views on YouTube on 8th, October, 2012.

What is the Background of the Gangnam Style Song
Gangnam Style is a Korean neologism that refers to the lifestyle of the trendy, hip ad exudes people of Gangnam district of Seoul. This song is actually poking out those people who are trying out to be what they are not. The song is about a girlfriend who knows when to get wild and when to get refined.

Making of the Music video and more about this song
The music video is quite impressive and shows Psy performing a horse riding dance and Psy is appearing in unexpected locations around the Gangnam sometimes in Outdoor yoga session and a hot tub. This video was directed in District Gangnam. Video took over 48 hours to shoot.

Appearances and live performance
After the release of the song Psy started giving live performances. He performed at different places.

Impact of the Song
There was a great impact of the song all over. This video was trending like anything. After 8 October this video crossed 400 million of viewers.

References in Politics
In October 3, 2012 the question was raised by a journalist to Spokeswoman about if she had listen to this song. But she said no. on October 4 Singapore’s prime minister wrote on his Facebook page about that he enjoyed watching that video. There are many more things to share with.

Popular Culture
While trend was going and increasing culture of this song, on the social network websites showed some flash mobs many people made.

This video came into controversy in El Monte lifeguards incident and then came in to eyes of media in Parody by the Royal Thai Navy.

In short about the song
This song was very much popular due to Psy this song made the Korean music lovers rock with his lyrics and beats that too with package of Dance. Celebrities even tweeted about this video and greeting Psy about his performance.

Gangnam Style Lyrics English Pronunciation

Oppa Gangnam Style Youtube Original Video:

Know Bed Bugs by Pictures – Bed Bug Bites Treatment for Skin - Prevention Tips

Bed bugs survive on human blood and can live up to a year. Thriving in any sort of environment, they target sleeping individuals making bites which swells and reddens followed by itchiness. Bed bugs, generally, bite on the face, neck, arms or hands by piercing the skin and injecting their saliva which numbs the skin but leaves an itchy bump behind.

Bed Bug Bites Symptoms
 Allergic reaction

Bed Bug Bites Treatment for Skin
 Disinfect the affected area by rubbing alcohol and Benzol Peroxide using a cotton ball.
 Take anti- histamine oral medicine after consulting your family physician
 Apply hot and cold packs repeatedly for 10-20 minutes, 2-3 times a day to limit itching and decrease swelling
 Apply anti- itch cream, easily available at any local drug store or pharmacy, on the infected area.

Natural Remedies
 Make a paste of water and uncooked oatmeal. Apply to the infected area and wash off when the oatmeal dries up.
 Applying mud or white clay is the oldest remedy known for bed bug bites.
 Pour a cup of boiling water over ¼ ounce of thyme leaves, cover for 10 minutes and strain. Dip a clean cloth into the thyme tea and wipe the affected area.
 Apple cider vinegar added to bathwater also helps
 Chewing or crushing herb poultice such as, Chickweed, Comfrey, Wild Geranium, Wild mallow and Yellow Dock: and applying directly to the sores helps too.
 Using starchy substances as grated potato, arrowroot powder, mallow roots ,water of cooked rice or oatmeal relieves pain and itchiness.
 Add 3 tablespoons of baking soda to bath water.
 Massage infected area with Aloe Vera juices.
 Sprinkle some corn starch to reduce itching.

Bed Bugs Control & Prevention Tips
 Wash bed linens in hot water, regularly.
 Check bed for bed bugs from time to time.
 Regular vacuuming of floor, mattress and bed crevices.
 Cover the mattress with a plastic sheet.

Banarasi Silk Saree Designs - Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees Online Shopping

Banarasi saris are most popular saris in all over India, made in Varanasi also known as ‘Benares’. Banaras is one of the rich weaving craft centre of India, famous for Brocade saris, these saris are historically considered as the finest saris in India, for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and opulent embroidery.

There are so many varieties in saris like Jangla, jam war tanchoi, Vaskat, Cutwork, tissu, and Butidar which are made on silk weft, on plain-satian ground base decorated with intricate design, and because of these engravings in different designs like Buties, kalga, Bells, creepers, Buttas in ground, border and Anchal, sari looks very beautiful and rich.

There are high range works like Heavy gold work, Compact weaving, figures with small details, metallic visual effects, pallus, jal (a net like pattern), and mina work collection specially for Indian brides.

 Banarasi Silk Saree Designs Collections

Banarasi Sharee and Fabrics are known as Hiranya Vastra (Putamber Vastra) in history of Ramayana and Mahabharat.  Around in 14th century, during the Moghal period weaving of brocades with intricate designs using gold and silver threads became the specialty of Banaras.

The Banarasi sarees are the most beautiful outfit for women, mostly worn by Indian women in special occasions such as when attending a wedding.

Here gives some Shopping Websites, where from you can buy Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees Online:

Paypal Here App for Android - Mobile Payment Application working as Card Reader

Paypal Here App for Android
Pay pal brings you a mobile payment app and card reader called ‘Pay pal Here’. Though the concept is similar to mobile credit card processing services like Intuit’s Go Payment, Jack Dorsey’s (creator of Twitter) Square and North American Ban card’s Pay Anywhere; PayPal Here app comes with its own unique features of mobile payment. Let’s discuss some similarities and differences between PayPal and the others.

  • PayPal offers free card reader and app which is compatible with iPhones and Android phones, likewise.
  • Swipe fee for processing VISA or MasterCard is 2.7 % and the keyed rate is 3.5%+ $0.15 per transaction.
  • PayPal charges 3.5% for swiped American Express cards but are currently rebating to give the final fee to 2.7%.
  • Merchant processing limits and fund holding procedures are very similar to Square.
  • Limit does not apply to swipe transactions of uncertain reserve procedures and exact processing limits and are based on ‘risk’ factors.
  • PayPal is incorporated with a regular PayPal account thus, giving access to a range of other features to the merchants, unlike its competitors.
  • Funds will be immediately made available to merchants, which fall within normal risk tolerances.
  • Transferring money to an attached checking account or ATM withdrawals and using attached debit card to make purchases is possible.
  • By accessing funds through purchases, merchants receive 1% ash back bonus and the effective processing rate lowers as low as 1.7%
  • The most unique feature of PayPal is its ability to accept electronic check payments, create and send digital invoices and track payments.
  • All these features can be done within this app
  • Very soon these features will also be introduced to work on the phone.
Having 106 million registered users has already put PayPal Here service to the forefront and is a big advantage for PayPal over competition.

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Nandos Menu South Africa - Nandos Branches & Menu Prices

The founder(s) of Nandos South Africa are Fernando Duarte and Robert Brozin. Its head quarters are situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was founded in the year 1987. It is a South African casual dinning restaurant. It is a group of restaurants originated from the Mozambiquan – Portuguese community with a Portuguese Mozambiquan theme.

It now operates in thirty countries in 5 continents. It specializes in chicken dishes served with lemon and herbs. In some of the countries it serves other flavors like mango and lime or Mediterranean also.

It specializes in flame grilled peri peri chicken. There are various sizes in which it is served are quarters, halves, wholes and butterfly breasts. It also serves burgers, pitas, salads, wings and wraps. In some of the countries it also sells chicken livers, Espetada and Cataplana. It manufactures a range of sauces that are served in its restaurants and also in super markets.

These include peri peri sauces, marinades, cooking sauces and a peri peri essence. Its products are basted in one of four peri peri flavours. It has also published a book about the peri peri which is named as pain and pleasure- peri peri the contrast and contradictions of the African birds’ eye chilli.

In the year 2010, it was named as one of the world’s top 30 hottest marketing brands by the Advertising Age magazine. Nandos offers you a free for life free eating if you claim that you have been to all the nandos restaurants. You must really visit it and enjoy its delicious flavors of chicken and its yummy food.

It has got web stores also in Australia, United kingdoms and USA. It is known in South Africa for its humorous but mostly controversial adverts. Robert Brozin and Fernando Duarte first bought a restaurant called chicken land in Rossettenville, southern Johannesburg. It has got locations world wide.

Nandos Menu Prices Get On -

Nando's Restaurant Locations/ Branches Get On - Restaurants