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Vacancy for Team Staff by Charlestown Square Newcastle, NSW 2300 – Australia

Vacancy for team staff by Charlestown square

Job title: for the team staff

Job summary: for the customer service & for the call centre service

Salary base: salary is not specified

Type of the work: casual in nature

Location of the work: Newcastle, NSW 2300

Job vacancy is provided by the advertiser Charlestown square agency. They are looking or searching for roaming staff of customer. This should be the biggest entertainment place in the Hunter.
  • The candidate should be expose or presented with the maturely outlook who has scope or willingness to do the work for the customer services
  • The candidates who are applying for the job, he/she must have the quality of good start or initiative.
  • The applicant must have skill of good communication with other fluently in English, on phone verbally. And good writing skill too with accuracy or no ambiguous should be there.
  • The nature of the candidate more reliable or realistic.
  • The candidate has ability to greet the customer well, good personality, good speech, and good communicator. The applicant must have ability to feel make shoppers welcome, that’s make them eager to approach to look like for help in pointed direction.
  • The applicant must have experience in similar related kind of customer service, which helps them to get the job easily.

For apply this job the applicant must have an appropriate Australian or New Zealand work visa.

For more details of how to apply visit here

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