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Review on - Automatically Load Twitter Account

When you add the service available on this site the polls which are added to your site or blog using this system automatically opens a new window when someone casts a vote to you. It is automatically loaded on twitter account also. Official website is


The message that the person has given can be tweeted and retweeted at their wish. Every time anyone votes they can tweet it out to all of their followers. This will really generate a lot of traffic on your site or blog. And who does not like to receive more and more traffic on their site or blog. The site is valued 1248us$.

It is a viral marketing and twitter equals web2.0wnage.  It is really an easy and effortless way of drawing more and more people to your blog or site. You invite them to be their participants from the very beginning itself. It is really a very cool program and it is available to you free of cost. And it is very easy to join and use. Isn’t that really great? The site has been tested and it does not have any problem till now.

It is a poll which you can embed on your site or blog which will allow the users to tweet and vote to their friends. These tweets help you to generate more and more traffic on your website. When any user votes they can also tweet their vote to the other followers. The other followers can also give their own vote and also can tweet again.

These will give a storm of traffic. If you really wish to generate good amount of traffic on your site or blog then you must try this for sure. Visit the site, and you can avail the service for free and you will love it.

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