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Review on  has got a ranking of 1003089. This is a new start up which allows the readers to give their opinions about famous public figures. Readers can present their views on any personality they wish to even for Brack Obama. It allows the publishers to track the views and opinions that the readers have given. The founders of this website are Chris Layman and Corey Brundage. Once you add the plug in your website special links will be added to your website automatically when famous names will appear.

Now if the readers, visitors or viewers wish they can click on those links and present their views whether they “love that person or not” by giving votes for the same. They can also scroll to the comments part of the content so that they can also view the poll results on the same website and also on the entire network of

The aim of creating this website is that the publishers of the website or the bloggers can get more connected with their viewers and readers and can have a longer conversation with them so that they stay in connection to their website or blog for a longer period time which would help popularize your website or your blog. The readers, visitors and viewers have the option to post comments, vote in a single article. Once you click on the link you will be able to see every single comment made by every single reader and visitor and in return you can also comment for the same this becomes a two way conversation.

There are also chances of misleading votes but on the other side big personality gets a real picture about their popularity and also people come to know more and more about the person when different people post different comments.

Review on - User Feedback and Survey Software for Web Sites

Review on - User Feedback and Survey Software for Web Sites:  is a customer feedback widget. It enables the bloggers abd website owners to improve and enhance their conversation and relationship with the customers. It also helps them to grab the right category of customers by the way of conducting sample surveys.


The service provides the bloggers and the website owners with the one click survey facility that can be presented to the website or blog visitors. By the widget to your website or blog and conducting the survey you can get the information and data which will help you get loyal customers and also attract new customers and build a strong and long lasting relationship with them.

User mood was developed by Dave Churchville. The reason why this application was found out was the planner software urged a need for quick and actionable feedback from the users and the customers. The outcome of which was user mood and the facilities that are available on the user mood.

As the name goes it enables to know the mood of the users. There is hardly any difference between the user mood and other survey widgets but this one is more users friendly and has attractive and effective designs.

In this type of service questions are created along with the multiple choice format of answers to respond. You can customize and modify the same with your choice of colors using the configuration option. The user can also control the timing one wants to conduct the survey for.

The installation is a very easy task you just need copy and paste two lines of code. The survey is not an integral part so that the visitors are not disturbed. Users can also review the real time results and the reports so that they can take actions strait away. So do check the same and get the best out of it.

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HDFC Credit Card Login for Online Payment Option

There are the many benefits of online Credit Card access that is listed below that is Account Information and unbilled Transaction and Credit card Statements. And Request for Credit Card Payments, Auto pay Registration, Auto pay De-registration and Registration on new card. Your account information shows you your total cash and credit limits and your billed and unbilled transaction also your payment due date and the reward points you have earned on your card. This helps you monitor your Credit Card transactions and know when your Credit Card bills are due for payment.

hdfc credit card payment

It is helpful to get online access to your credit card services. This service is free of charge and provide complete privacy you access your credit card online. When your credit card is lost than re-issue the card using the Hot listing facility. Also you can block your net banking account from the credit card the drop down mentioning the reason. You will be charged RS 100 as a fee for this service.

Credit card helps minimize your exposure to fraud. There are some very ingenious crooks out there. The more you can do to reduce your risk, the better. Credit cards are one of the easiest ways to track your spending. When coupled with a program like Microsoft Money or Quicken, you can easily see where your money is going and keep track of how your spending is changing from month to month.

Your Credit Card account is separate from your current/saving account.  You have registered for the online Credit Card facility through Net services. They provide Auto pay facility available to HDFC bank account holders. It takes care of your Credit Card bill payments.

HDFC enjoy great discounts when you shop cashless and hassle free with HDFC Bank Credit cards. Credit card offers master Card offers, Visa offers, Freedom from Cash, Food Fiesta offers, Monsoon Dhamaka offer, Easy EMI offers and Online partners and corporate card offers. Smart buy is a HDFC Bank initiative to make available great offers on HDFC Bank debit and credit cards. You are a valued HDFC Bank consumer and we endeavor to help you make the most out of your money.

Back also provide you to some type of the reward program. Generally these will give you some percentage of the total of your purchase back in cash and point. And it offered the easy payment options for complete control.

Most Searching Terms and Tags: - Kalyan Jewellers Jobs and Online Shopping

In India, there are so many jewellers who possess a whole jewellary chain though out India. Kalyan Jewellers is amongst them. Their official website is The group has it’s headquarter at Thrissur City in Kerala. It is valued at about $1 billion by Bloomberg in January, 2013. Now a day, the Kalyan group is establishing new branches across the India.

kalyan jewellers

Mr. T.S. Kalyanaraman is the Chairman and Managing Director of kalyan Jewellers. T.S. Kalyanaraman is an Indian businessman. He learned the business when he was 12 from his father. He helped his father in his shop. Later he joined Sree Kerala Varma College and studied commerce. He started his first jewellery shop named Kalyan Jewellers in Thrissur City in 1993.

After that he established around 32 centers in south India.

The group plans showrooms at Trichy, Chennai, Nagercoil and Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, and Kollam, Thiruvananthapuaram, Alappuzha, Kozhikode, Kannur and Kottayam in Kerala.

The Kalyan group has also launched a customer gold card scheme for a minimum purchase of Rs 1,000 at all the four showrooms. Kalyan group has its brands under the name Kalyan Silks, Kalyan Jewellers, Kalyan Sarees and Kalyan Collections.

The group employs around 4000 people all over India. Kalyan Jewellers appoint Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,Nagarjuna Akkineni, Dileep, Prabhu Ganesan andShivaraj Kumar as its brand ambassadors. Its advertising and marketing budget is around Rs 90 crores.

Kalyan Jewellery would open 101 cutomer service centres called 'My Kalyan' across Kerala.

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Review on - Automatically Load Twitter Account

When you add the service available on this site the polls which are added to your site or blog using this system automatically opens a new window when someone casts a vote to you. It is automatically loaded on twitter account also. Official website is


The message that the person has given can be tweeted and retweeted at their wish. Every time anyone votes they can tweet it out to all of their followers. This will really generate a lot of traffic on your site or blog. And who does not like to receive more and more traffic on their site or blog. The site is valued 1248us$.

It is a viral marketing and twitter equals web2.0wnage.  It is really an easy and effortless way of drawing more and more people to your blog or site. You invite them to be their participants from the very beginning itself. It is really a very cool program and it is available to you free of cost. And it is very easy to join and use. Isn’t that really great? The site has been tested and it does not have any problem till now.

It is a poll which you can embed on your site or blog which will allow the users to tweet and vote to their friends. These tweets help you to generate more and more traffic on your website. When any user votes they can also tweet their vote to the other followers. The other followers can also give their own vote and also can tweet again.

These will give a storm of traffic. If you really wish to generate good amount of traffic on your site or blog then you must try this for sure. Visit the site, and you can avail the service for free and you will love it.

One Best Wordpress Timeline Theme on is a service created by the SIMILE labs. It is a widget for visualizing temporal data. Now you can also have the timeline theme for your word press. It was developed in just ten hours but will work wonders for you bloggers.


The features of this service are as follows:

Displays the individual categories on the time line, it creates a life stream timeline along with RSS feed from your word press link archive, customizes colors for the timeline band, by using the template tag it supports multiple instances on different pages, displays individual images and icons along with the custom fields, displays images attached with the posts, available in English, German, Italian and Spanish languages.

The plug-in is smart yet simple to use. If you just know how to cut, copy, past then you can easily work with this one and create a beautiful timeline which would cost you lot of money if created elsewhere. The header and the footer, the tabbed contend and navigation is all under you control. You also have the license so that you can install multiple numbers of word press websites.

It allows bloggers replicate the timeline that facebook has updated this days.  And this all can be done very effortlessly by a blogger. You can navigate the months with the scrubber, fixed style, your categories can be highlighted, and photos can be visualized with the help of light boxes. You can also add 4 items that you want to place on the upper right header which is always present on every page. It will definitely look like the timeline theme on the facebook and this all is available absolutely free.

To get this you just require a word press and can view the demo on  and a GPL license.

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Chris Gayle 175 Runs Innings Video Highlights – RCB vs. PWI (Pune Warriors) Date - 23/04/2013

33rd years, Chris Gayle is a well known cricketer who plays international cricket for the West Indies. Recently Gayle is played in IPL 6 for Royal Challengers Bangalore Team. Today the day of April 23, 2013 is big day in Indian Premier League, because Chris Gayle scored 175 runs in only in 66 Balls vs. Pune Warriors team. This cricket match is like highlights, you can see this high lights video here.

Chris Gayle 175 Runs highlights

This is big fun day for all the people who are in stadium or front of TV to watch live cricket IPL match today. Gayle do this 175 runs with 17 six and 13 four, means 154 runs from only boundary. To watch this Video Highlights of RCB (Bangalore) vs. PWI (Pune Warriors) (Date-22/04/2013) is a pleasure for cricket fans and also for critics.

Gayle 175 Runs Video Highlights

Chris Gayle 175 Runs highlight video

Chris Gayle 175 Runs

Chris Gayle 175 Runs innings

Now, this sixth season of the Indian Premier League is become very interesting with this Damakedar batting performance by RCB team vs. PWI team. Total today’s score of RCB inning is 263/5 in 20 overs.

Chris Gayle 17 sixes vs. Pune - 175 runs not out video:

Chris Gayle 17 sixes

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It is a new service that will enable you to bring more and more traffic to your site. It starts a conversation about your content which is shared via social networking sites. It aims at stop commenting and start share backing. It is a virtual webs product. Using it you will be able to start a conversation and will have the ensuing exchange of opinions which are published on your site for all the people who view and participate. Official website is


The concept behind this is that to allow people to contribute their own views along with media and links so that they stick to your site and you can build a long and a quality rs relationship with them. For any site owner it is important that its users retain and stick to the same and also the new viewers wish to visit the site again and again and build a relationship which also lasts forever.

It is a service which will solve all your problems. It really simplifies the whole procedure of turning some thing who is just a casual visitor into one person who will develop an interest your articles and contents on your blog or site.

It is a component which is already available to majority of the blogging and publishing platforms that are used in today’s time. It includes word press, bloggr, tumblr and type pad. There are comprehensive instructions through which you can easily install share backs.

Once you have done it will be totally ready to work. You will be running on it. Your visitors will get a lot more to do when they are visiting your site and this will  is interest them to stay more longer on your site and it you who will earn more and more in the end.

7.8 Richter Scale Earthquake Hits India, Pakistan, Iran and Gulf – Latest Photos

A strong earthquake felt near the border of Pakistan, North India, Iran and Gulf States. The quake was measured at 7.8 Richter scale and its epicentre is declared on the Iran-Pakistan border at a depth of 15.2 (9.4 miles) kilometers by the US Geological Survey.

Earthquake Hits India news

The quake was felt at 4.20 PM for several seconds. The earthquake felts in 201 kilometers southeast of the Iranian city of Zahedan and 250 km northwest of Turbat in Pakistan.

The earthquake was also felt widely in North India, Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Ahmedabad and North India cities. The buildings shook and people ran into the streets said by witnesses.

Till last minute, there is no damage to property and life has been reported.

Earthquake Hits India photos

Earthquake India news

Earthquake pakistan photos

The Indian Metrological Department said that a powerful earthquake of 6.3 magnitudes also hit the Iran last week on Tuesday. The report says that there have been 37 people killed and around 850 are injured as it two villages homes and devastated collapsed in south-west Iran about a week ago in Iran.

Most of the nuclear-related plants including the Bushehr nuclear power plant on the Gulf coast. But the U.S. Institute for Science and International Security map did not show any of them in southeastern Iran close to Pakistan.

Review on – Best Widget for Web Masters and Blog Owners

If you are a blogger and your blog is attached with a twitter account also then this service of is for you. Your twitter account is the one which gives your viewers, visitors and readers a true picture about what kind of content you are publishing on your blog. Both of these are related to each other. And if you own a site also face the same situation. Whatever you post on twitter gives exact view to people that what they will get to know from your content or what will they get to read in your article.


It is a very new widget which allows the web masters and blog owners to bring their sites and blogs one step closer to their twitter accounts. It is a widget which when you add to your site or blog will display all the corresponding tweets. If you do this it will definitely make your site and blog even more interesting and engaging.

Apart from this the content that you begin sharing like this is also monetizable. Its integration with the google analytics will let you know whether people are actually reading the content or not and also let you know whether they are sharing it on face book or any related social networking site or not?

The most interesting part of this is that you can also have others tweets displayed by using the given widget. It gives you a ready insight to those people who are more knowledgeable then you and you get the benefit of same.

This will help you to motivate your viewers and readers. It is a perfect platform to curate real time content and make your content more interesting, readable, shareable and monetizable. It gives more engaging content for your visitors so that they last longer on your site. Their official website is

Katrina Kaif upcoming Movies 2019 and Photos Gallery in Red

‘Katrina Kaif’ is one of lead top actress of Bollywood, is British Indian actress born on 16 July 1984 in Hong Kong, recently she is staying in Mumbai and enjoying her beautiful and successful career.

Katrina’s father was Muslim, Mohammed Kaif and her mother was Christian, Susanna Turquotte. She started her career as model; she also walked on London Fashion Week. Filmmaker Kaizad Gustad gives her break in his film Boom (2003), there after she shifted to Mumbai, was offered some modeling assignment, in 2005 she played a cameo role in Sarkar.

Katrina Kaif Photos Gallery in Red

Katrina Kaif photo

Katrina Kaif close up

Katrina Kaif beauty

Katrina Kaif in bikini

But filmmakers scared to take her in films because she can’t speak Hindi language properly.  Then she appears in Maine pyar kyu kiya opposite of Salman khan. Then she learnt Hindi language and seen in Namastey London opposite of Akshay Kumar and her career took a successful turned, then she gave so many successful films with big banners.

Now she made her strong position in Bollywood as successful lead actress.

List of Kaif’s big banner upcoming movies in 2013-14

Main Krishna Hoon in cameo role - 2013
Dhoom 3: Back in Action – with Amir Khan, Abhishek bachchan and Uday Chopra – 2013
Bombay Talkies: Post-production
Bang Bang: Pre-production (2014)

Mine Craft Game Online - Review on

The developers of mine craft are the Majang. And the designers are Markus “Notch” person. It was released on November 18, 2011. It is a sand box build in independent video game. In the year 2011 the full creative control over it was taken over by Jens Bergen ten. Mine craft focuses on creativity and building. It allows the players to do construction out of textured cubes in a 3d world.


It was released as an alpha on May 17, 2009 and a beta version of it was released on December 29, 2010. The android version was released on November 18, 2011. And the x box was released on May 9, 2012.

The game play on its commercial release has two main modes, the first one is the survival in which the player is required to acquire resources by their own and have to maintain their health and hunger as well. And the second mode is the creative one in which the player has got an unlimited supply of resource and has also got the ability to fly and no health and hunger.

There is also a third game play mode which is named as hard core it is same and similar to the survival mode in the game. But the difficult part is locked on the hardest setting and respawning is disabled which forces the player to delete his or her world upon death. The other version that is available is an outdated classic one and that is available for free.

But it is no longer been developed. The creative mine craft is same and similar to the classic one but has got many more additional features in it. The game play is been inspired by the Infinimer which is a product of Zachtronics industries. And also by the Dwarf Fortress which is by Bay 12 games.

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Content Marketing Platform - Software of

The aim of kapost is to power the content marketing revolution. It provides you tools and technology which enables your brand to build and operate a content marketing machine. It makes the content marketing the most effective customer acquisition channel in every marketer’s portfolio rather than making it a hip tactic for the marketers.

content marketer

It is neat way to get fresh content. If you are looking for a web design software and need media content for your site then it offers you a rich collection of web design software and media contents which you can download right away.

It offers you different types of software that you can use to customize your site or blog. On this site you will get information regarding how you can customize your blog or site and also how you can add useful software that can help you to manage the content of your blog or site. By using the software that is offered on this site you can also learn how you can create your own personal site.

If you are a blogger then you will surely want to create and increase the traffic on your site or blog. Now this is the solution to your problem. You can freely find useful web design software and media contents.

It gives you news feed generation software and also visitors counters and other similar tools which you can use to generate income from your site. This site is all for you if you want to start a blogging business.

Using it you can install a virtual news room where any person can post into your site or blog and you can also control as well as filter all those contribution. You can develop an entire community of contributors, you will be able to produce quality content and also dominate your topic.

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Review on for Wordpress

Jetpack is a word press plug in which will supercharge your word press website or blog r as creamed with the super power from that will upgrade the stats of your word press. It clubs number of plug in into a single package. You can install the same on your self hosted blogs or your self owned website. It is a must for all the serious bloggers out the there.

jetpack me

Jetpack has got eight distinct features and you can take advantage of all of them. The word press stats feature makes the plug in worth to download. With this you can track every single thing as far as the traffic goes. The display shows the daily stats page. The stats that are displayed on the page inside the jetpack plug in are first the “Refers” which is a list of all the websites that referred traffic on your website today.

The second one is the “search engine terms” which is a list of all the keywords that were searched and arouse the traffic. It is great for tracking the long tail keyword that you are ranking on. The third one is the “top posts and pages” in which the top ten posts and pages that are visited today are displayed. It also gives you the information regarding how many hits each single post has got individually.

This stat can be used by you to calculate conversion rates for your capture pages. It will be really beneficial information for any kind of marketing. The forth one is the “clicks” it is a one more key component for tracking which gives you the links that are clicked on your website everyday. And also gives you the information about the number of times each link was clicked.

So now as you know the advantages of it go grab it.

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Genelia D'souza Upcoming Movies 2019 and Wallpaper Photos

A very sweet, naughty and talented Indian actress ‘Genelia D'Souza’ is not only appears in films but she is also brand ambassador of big companies like Perk, Fanta, Fastrack, LG Mobiles, and Garnier Light etc. She worked as Host and Model, and also acted in different languages films Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.

Genelia was born in a catholic family on 5 August 1987 at Bandra – Mumbai. Her name meaning is "rare" and "unique" and yes, she is as per her name, and her nick name is Geenu given by her family. Very few know that Geenu was very good in sport, was a national level football player and state level athlete as sprinter. Naughty girl Genelia was selected for an advertisement of Parker Pen with Amitabh Bachchan in age of 15.

Geenu’s Bollywood debut was Tujhe Meri Kasam in 2003, there after she signed two films one in Tamil and other one in Telugu, her bollywood film not got success, then she continue her career in south films. She got her successful turning in Bollywood with Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na.

Genelia D'souza pics

Genelia D'souza pics 2013

Genelia D'souza images

Genelia D'souza wallpaper

Genelia recently got married with actor Riteish Deshmukh on 3rd feb 2012 after 9yrs affair. Her last commercial success film in Bollywood was Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya paired opposite with her hubby Riteish Deshmukh.

Geenu’s 2013 Films:

It's My Life – With Harman Baweja, releasing on August 15, 2013
Rock the Shaadi – As Simran, releasing on 2013

Review on General Interest Blog -

Holy blogz is for all the articles related to different topics. The topics are mostly related to general interest. The main categories that are highlighted on this website are technology, business, lifestyle, entertainment, sports and travel. If you are a blogger writing blog on any of these topics then you must definitely read the publishing guidelines before you send your articles in.

The website has got ranking of 12 out 50 websites from Google. The number of websites that compete with the is 218.

The rule is not to include more than three back up links in a same article and also avoid using images that are larger in size than 350p. And also the article that you submit should be your own and not copied ones. In short they should be original. If you learn these rules and follow them strictly then your article is mostly likely to be featured.

Once it is featured people can both read and vote it. And if you are liked and voted highly then your article deserves to get space in the popular posts section. The aim of is to connect the bloggers with passion and purpose. Those people who have just started their blogging work will welcome and love the free exposition. This is really good for the new learners. And this all is absolutely free of cost.

The platform is designed for everyone whether it is a new comer or a professional blogger. It allows them to share their passion, thoughts and knowledge with everyone in the world. It enables you to publish your unique thoughts through a blog, posts, articles etc. it also allows business class people to publish anything and everything they want the world to know about them through writing blogs, press realses or any thing about their products which would help them to be popular. – Hello Cotton Social Media Icon

The site was developed 4 years and 2 month ago. It is ranked 44004 by the World Wide Web. It is estimated to earn $10 USD per day as advertising revenue. The average page load time of the site is 1.98653 seconds. It has got daily 32473 visitors. The site is worth $ 7408 USD. It is mostly popular in the United States. It has got 64945 page reviews per day.

hellocotton button for blog

It is a site which brings all women bloggers together. It forms a community of talented writers, fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, mom bloggers, food bloggers, life style bloggers, crafts and art bloggers, wedding inspiration and much more. All the women who are expects in these fields and want to share their ideas and knowledge with every one can join the same.

It lets you move your talent from the four walls of your house to the whole world and let the world become your fan. The top talented women bloggers are the only reason behind the formation and popularity of this site.

Starting from the beauty community which gets together on hello cottons there are many such other communities. It also lets you know about the various events happening in the world. It offers you review about various products which you might wish to buy. It is all about fashion, follow, bloggers and food.

It is definitely a safe site. It displays the top blogs every day so you don’t have to kep searching for the best blog every day you can just read that you find is interesting and related to your field. Details about various barnds are also found on the site.

You must really visit this site and take the advantage of all the blogs that are written by many talented ladies and increase you knowledge about every field.

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USPS Track and Confirm Customer Service Representative - Delivery Confirmationtm

The ‘United States Postal Service’ short formed as ‘USPS‘ and also well known as Post Office and U.S. Mail, is the largest postal service of united states and USPS also an independence service company provide by government of U.S.

usps zip code lookup api

The number of employees and workers of USPS’s are more than 546,000 and company have their 260,000 own vehicles using for their service, and the number of operators who operating their largest fleet of vehicle is also very biggest vehicle fleet in world.

They also provide a good response from the official website of USPS, they also providing many more services like changing address or you also get information about shipping charges and many more details. If you need any help or contact with customer executive of USPS Company, call on the number and get any services or information about the company.

Contact numbers of USPS:
For Services or General information: 1-800-275-8777

For Track and Confirm (International/Domestic): 1-800-222-1811

For Stamps by phone:
1-800-STAMP24 (1-800-782-6724)
1-800-STAMPS2 (1-800-782-6772)

For Technical support: 1-800-344-7779

For Ordering shipping supplies: 1-800-610-8734

For more menu and details must visit original website of USPS:

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Review on - Customize your Blog

It offers you a variety of services like 1 customize your blog which will cost you $50. By getting this service you can customize your own blog like adding a side bar or change a header image or slider for a featured posts or post content width or add a logo on you’re already downloaded and installed templates.

deluxe templates

The 2nd service is the convert psd/jpg/gif to blogger layout it will cost you $100. You need to get this if you are a really great designer but cannot catch with the blogger codes. Now you don’t need to worry here is your solution. It will do the entire hard task for you. You just need to send your images and files and in turn it will give you a really nice and shiny unique blogger which is designed just for you.

The 3rd one is the design your blog service which costs you $150. If you have got too many ideas for your blog but you don’t have an idea about how to make them then you need to avail the service. You just need to decide what exactly your plan is and what you want the service will work hard to make a really rocking blog design just for you. You will definitely love it. It will give you complete satisfaction.

If you wish to get any of these services then it’s really to get them and the payment procedure is also very easy. Just log on to which is an authorized dealer of deluxe templates. They accept all the major credit cards. If you purchase from this site then you avoid any kind of online frauds.

So just check out the same and get you blogging task done easily and also get perfect results from them.

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Premium WordPress Themes for All Sites -

Here we study on review for - Today advertising is not just limited to television, radio, pamphlets, magazine or newspapers. The scope has now grown more and more. Now you must also have an interesting and well designed site which grabs the attention of the viewers, readers and customers and help them to form a relationship with you and maintain it. Also the existing customers should be retained. These all is now possible with the word press themes from chimera themes.

high quality wordpress themes

It was developed in June 2010. it enables each and every person the potential to make interesting and influencing websites. Even if you do not have skills to design a site or don’t know computer programming still you can design a site that will help you to generate more leads, more traffic, more customers and finally more business to your site

The themes are all designed by professionals and in such a way that they lo ok modern, scalable and the best part is they load fast. And they are easy to customize. It works with such a technology that even a child will work with you. You can modify your site as per your needs and desire and in the manner you feel it will look best.

The frame work that it provides for all the word press themes is also advanced enough so that you can customize the theme as per your needs and that to very easily. The themes from chimera theme are full side, app press, wp chimera, enlightened.

Each theme has got atleast 5 color out of which you can choose any one. There are also wobzy themes to match with your site. offers a variety of pricing schemes for the word press themes that they have. You also get the support from them. From the themes documentation area on the site which is minutely updated you can get solution to any problem.

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Bill Gates House Images - Home Pictures from Inside, Side view and Google Earth view

Who don’t know about the co-founder and current chairman of Microsoft the “William Henry "Bill" Gates III” very well known as ‘Bill Gates’, philanthropist, one of the richest American business man in whole world.

bill gates house pictures

Gates was born in Seattle, Washington on 28 October 1955 in a family with a history in politics, business and community service; parents are Scots-Irish descent. His father, William H. Gates, Sr., was prominent lawyer and mother Mary Maxwell Gates worked as server on board direction for First Interstate BancSystem and the United Way, and Bill’s great grandfather was a mayor and maternal grandfather was a president of national bank.

Gates was a brighter and intelligent boy as per his family background that why his parents took admission in a private school ‘Lakeside’, so he can focus in study in learning environment. That the school there he was first introduced to computers.

The "Microsoft Millionaires" married Melinda French currently Co-Chair and operator of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on 1st January 1994. They are parents of two daughters- Jennifer Katharine Gates, Phoebe Adele, and one son Rory John.

“Xanadu” a sweet nick name of bill gates mansion, which spread in 66,000 sq ft, designed in the Pacific lodge style with beautiful technology which Constructed by well-known architects Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and Cutler Anderson. Mansion located in Medina, Washington, USA; side of a hill which is overlooking Lake Washington. It took 7 years to build this beautiful large mansion and it cost $63 million
The Mansion seems like an 18th or 19th century mansion but it is fully decorated with advanced electronic systems at all places and great interior designs.

Main hall spread in 2300 sq ft with a capacity of 150 persons. Library has spread in 2,100 sq. ft. with having two secret pivoting bookcases. Dining Room spread in 1,000 sq. Ft and 24 guests can dine together, Theater spread in 1500 sq ft with HDTV capable screen and 20 cosy chairs and a popcorn machine, gym room spread in 2500sq ft with steam room. Swimming pool contains underwater music system.
The main room contains 6 fireplaces, 7 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, and 6 kitchens.

Pressure sensitive floors—the family members or security can know who is in the residence at any time by their guests’ footsteps.

Automatically Comes the light—Speakers are hidden beneath the wallpaper to permit music to follow you from room to room. Portable touch pads controls from the TV sets to the temperature, the lights, brightening or diming to fit the occasion or to match the outdoor light anytime.

Bill Gates Home Video from Youtube:

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Review on - Make your Blog a Premium Blog  is a service that will make your blog a premium blog. Yes a premium blog that will earn you money. If you think that your blog is so cool and interesting that you can get paid for the same by your readers then this new service will be a stepping stone for your blog. It will offer premium content to any person who visits the same and you will get paid for the same.

Blarchives is a network of blogs that has a part of their content marked as “premium”. The same can be accessed only by those persons who pay a monthly charge as fees. The current fee that is charged is $4.99. Those people who pay this amount can only have access to the contents that are labeled as ‘premium” on blarchives.

The one who has paid the charge can have this service and will view all the premium content through a single login. Once they have logged in at no point of time they will have to give ay more information they can easily have access to the contents marked as “premium” without any sort of disturbance.

A free 30 days trail is also given to you. During the period you can view the content to the full and also decide whether you want to avail the same or not and want to pay the charge or not.

It is a service that supports bloggers and gets full access to premium blog contents. As a blogger you will definitely love it. The reason why you will love it is that it will monetize your article in a manner that it is useful for both the bloggers and their readers. This all can be done just by a single login. So go to and just check the same. - WordPress WYSIWYG Editor Plugin for Writers is a website is a service for editing a word press. It is an advanced full screen word press WYSIWYG editor. This service is a new excellent plug in that provides a minimalist word press editor which enables you to post your blog in just few seconds.

You can make changes in your article by using this front end word press editor just by clicking a button in just few seconds. It helps you prevent from wasting your precious time, widgets and confusing HTML codes.

Artsy editor makes word press more interesting and you do not get bored in fact it makes it more filled with fun. The editor supports with browsers like fire fox, safari, chrome and opera. It supports word presses which are above 2.5 and you can post your blog without any disturbance or distractions.

It works as your servant and does all that you wish to do without even bothering how you write your blog. You just have to write your blog and edit the same in jiffy that’s all you need to do. You don’t even have to worry about your images for this you just need to drag and drop your image and it will be formatted, resized  all just for you.

The best part about this editor that it will cost you just $19.99 isn’t that really very cheap so it helps you save your money also. In just this price you get the full license. Yes that’s true so just go garb one now and experience the wonders that the editor will do for you.

You will definitely now fall in love with your word press and will not get frustrated over your word press. The editor also provides you with facilities like faster ways of formatting, adding links, uploading media files and edits your images. It is a perfect editor.

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  • wordpress plugin guest post wysiwig – A free Shoutbox or Chat Widget for your Website

Here we talk about review on For a website to be popular requires a chat box. It enhances the popularity of the website and improves the brand. Now days there are multiple numbers of widgets that enables you to embed a chat box to your website.


By adding a chat box you can get the feed back of your viewers and visitors and if you are a blogger then also your readers. It helps you to stay connected with your visitors and readers and help build a longer relationship with them.

Including a chat box to a brand website is vital in order to allow the readers and visitors to get connected with the owner and the administrator so that they can share their view and you can also know what are the positive and negative points about you website or your blog also your readers and viewers can solve any problem that they have.

The reason why you will love to add the 99 shout box to your website is because it will allow you to get engaged with your audience.

The provides you a service through which you can embed a widget to your website or your blog trough which your readers and visitors can communicate with by way of messages or a simple conversation. The conversation can either be in writing that is a text message or a voice message also isn’t that amazing.

It’s not only with you that your readers can communicate with they can leave any views, opinions, news, information which they wish to and will be shared with everyone who visits the website or the blog.

Hence makes the website more and more interesting for your viewers and readers so that you can build a good relationship with them and they also stick to your website and your blog and love reading the same.

Official Website:

BMW USA Customer Service Complaints – Contact Phone Number

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is the world’s most popular, most admire, most successful company but we all know as BMW. BMW is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company. We all know about BMW for its desirable and beautiful designed cars and speed and many more.

bmw usa customer service

There is amazing experience you feel when you will drive BMW car. BMW also producing motorcycles under BMW Motorrad, and also parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. There are many people in world who truly love BMW cars and big fan of BMW cars.

What a great fan following BMW cars have, so if you are planning to buy any BMW car must visit official site of BMW from there you get many information of their cars. And if you are facing any problem with BMW, call on customer service number given here.

To connect with BMW:

Call: 800-831-1117

Visit official site of BMW for more detail and information:

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What Kind of Phone Does Justin Bieber Have?

Everyone is exciting to know about their favorite stars, what they are doing, about their hair style, their clothing styles, which brand they prefers, what kind of phones they using? Etc.

What Kind of Phone Does Justin Bieber Have

So here this article about A Famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber, what kind of phone does Justin have?
As we all know that BlackBerry smart phones are so famous for their E-mail capacities, and in their also have so many useful feature like BlackBerry messenger also known as BBM service, in that you can send massages to other BB phones for free, watch videos on YouTube, listening to music and to stay active on Face book and Twitter.

What Kind of Phone Does Justin Bieber Have

Well, checking emails and stay active in social sites is not enough, it’s having fun to use Apple Iphone 5 and its apps, yes Justin is also fan of Apple iphone and he have latest phone of Apple. JB also had launched his own app and that is only available at iTunes, so if you want to download that app, download from iTunes, and yes, JB is earning much money from this App.

So Justin is using BlackBerry Curve and Apple’s IPhone 5 and he is using his smart phones on daily basis.

Apply for ABN AMRO Credit Card – Make My Bill Payment Online

ABN AMRO is a Dutch financial industry founded in 1991.Gerrit Zalm is CEO of this industry. Asset management, Commercial banking, Investment banking, Private banking and retail banking all are the products of the bank. ABN AMRO grows number of further acquisitions. This bank insurance headquarters in Zwolle, Sydney, Dubai and Amsterdam. ABN AMRO acquired by the Dutch state was legally demerged from the RBS acquired businesses. This bank offers a variety of a different range of the products with new innovative features.

abn amro credit card bill payment online

They provide different smart card choice of this Credit card with such exciting and money saving benefits. This bank was merged with RBS so one of the Freedom credit cards is now known as RBS freedom credit card. Using this card you earn Bonanza reward points and exclusive gifts with cross section of products and services.

Another that is ABN AMRO platinum Credit card; however with this card luxury comes at cost with best leisure complement each other. These services help you at hotels and hospitals and even help you deliver flowers across the world. It is a world class product from their exclusive section of merchandise. And this card is belonging to the elite section of the society.

One of the other that is Smart gold credit card, this credit card offer main feature like unlimited cash back, Smart Miles, Gold life offers and easy to pay on your Favorites Brands and higher credit Limit. Also introduced special offer like One for free, World is yours, Paisa vasool and go mobile offer.

This bank also offer the other credit card that is Make My Trip Go Card. Using it you can book tickets for any sector and any time, they provide powerful Travel Reward programs in the country. And this is especially for those who like holidays and frequently flyers.

Other one that is Wellness Credit card it introduced that is good health for yourself and family also health screening voucher, Adventure holidays and financial benefits. As a Wellness Credit Card member you also get 15% discount every time you rent a car from Hertz.

ABN AMRO Titanium card is the higher cash back percentage you will earn and get bonus cash backs and offer special access to golf clinics and exclusive tournaments invites. It is designed for shoppers and has features like Cash Back which results in bulk savings when you are out there shopping.

This bank established other Credit card that is Barista Credit card, ONE card, New Gold Card, Adlabs credit card, Platinum Gateway Card and many more.

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University of Mysore Vacancy for Various Posts

University of Mysore invites applications for the various posts in the department of the Multimedia Learning Resource Creation Centre (MLRCC) under the UPE Scheme of UGC. Eligible and interested candidates may apply for the post after considering following details.

NO. MLRCC/Estb./2012-13

University of Mysore

Job Description:

1) Producer: 02 Posts
Educational Qualification: Candidate should have completed Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Applications with 2 years experience in Web Portal creation and Websites development.

2) Cameraman: 02 Posts
Educational Qualification: Candidate should have completed HSC and Diploma in Video graphy from a Government recognized institute + 2 years experience in TV studio recording of video & audio programmes.

3) Production Assistant: 02 Posts
Educational Qualification: Candidate should have completed Master’s Degree in Electronic Media OR Journalism & Mass Communication with 1 year experience in Educational Video Production.

4) Video Editors: 02 Posts
Educational Qualification: Candidate should have completed Master’s Degree in Electronic Media/Graduation with PG Diploma in Multimedia Technology with one year experience in video editing in a professional Organization or web development.

5) Graphic Artists: 02 Posts
Educational Qualification: Candidate should have completed Graduate with a Diploma in Multimedia Production with One year experience in web content Development.

Salary: Monthly fixed remuneration will be payable to appointed candidates as specified in post.

Age Limit: Candidates age should be 35 years in case of GM candidates, 38 years in case of other backward classes and 40 years in case of SC/ST candidates as on date of the application.

Age Relaxation: Age relaxation will be permissible as per the government guidelines.

Dates to Remember: Last date of receipt of application is 23/02/2013, 5:00 pm.

Selection Process: Selection procedure will be made by written test and personal interview.

How to Apply for University of Mysore Recruitment 2013 for Various Vacancies:

Candidates have to apply in prescribed format given on source website Duly filled application attached with photo and attested signature, along with all relevant certificates send to the following address super scribed with “Application for the Assignment of ________________position in MLRCC”.

The address:
The coordinator,
MLRCC, EMRC Building,
University of Mysore,
Mysore - 570 006

Source Website:
Read original notification at here:

How To Play O2 Top-up Surprises Now?

Do you know about O2 mobile networking? If u want to know to play any of game related to O2 networking, then you have know about the top up voucher and get full details.

o2 top up surprises
O2 gives different offer to all individual players to play for uncounted times. There are two types of game offering to all individual’s silver game and golden game. There is different top up voucher for playing to different game silver game and gold game. Top up recharge for silver game is £10 and the same for gold game £15. Get the best surprise after playing the game, O2 get update itself each month of the year.

Need’s to play O2?

1.     Get yourself register with O2 mobile network user’
2.     After getting register you have to recharge with your selecting type’s game and get chance to win different surprise.
3.     The O2 mobile network gave chance to user to win high surprises. For that the user’s need to get recharge with top up voucher’s like gold game.

Method to get recharge

1.     See the link sending at bottom of the page. After that click option displaying on the screen like silver game £10 or gold game £15 which ever you would like to play. Or either get top up by dialing 444 free.
2.     Once you get top up with your voucher the O2 mobile networking gave a personal code number to the user within few minutes.

Way to play

1.     Once you get recharge you would seen displaying play option on the screen. If you have select silver game then press plays silver game or either plays gold game.
2.     After getting enter on the screen type your unique code given to you, type your mobile number and start to play.
3.     Aim the duck seeing on the screen with you water pistol by using mouse then shoot out the duck before the duck get in to the water.
4.     If you have select silver game then only one duck is showing on the screen with hooked. If you have select gold game then three duck will show at one time displaying with their hooked.
5.     After playing and winning the stunning game you will see the surprise on the screen given by O2 to winners. Select the one of them and write your name over there you will your surprise from O2 online mobile networking game.

Related Links

1.     O2 Surprises Website:

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Bank of India ranked first among the nationalized banks as India most trusted service brand. It is a state owned commercial bank. Main headquarters is in Mumbai. Bank was founded in 7th September 1906. Alok Kumar Mishra is CMD of the group. Main products of the Bank of India are commercial banking, Retail Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, Mortgages and credit card. Customer may visit their official website for online login.

bank of india online banking login

They provide Star connect internet banking Service. It is the state of the art facility, which allows you to do all banking facility and service of your home, office and anywhere you want just on one mouse click. This bank provide Internet banking facility on 24 hours and 365 days from anywhere in the world. also gave warning for the all possible online transaction. Bank not takes any responsibility for online transaction going wrong. And also not be responsible for wrong transactions and wanton disclosure of details. They introduced many features like banking transaction details, and also viewing the account statements also you can easily transfer the funds and third party payments and tax payments. Also using it ticket booking become a very easy and quick process.

Bank of India also established M/s mChek India payment systems private Ltd and Pay Mate to extend Mobile payment to all Retail Banking customers. If you want to apply for the Star connect mobile banking facility than go with the same process as Internet banking facility. Same as download the request form and after fill than submit to the bank branches.

The company brings to you an easy way to star share trading. Provide speedy way to trade in a large number of listed securities. Trading Account would be with the Tie up Brokers and the funds/Shares are transferred automatically to the Bank of India account of the customers on the payout day.

This bank provides many other online services that are Single point for all your utility payments also important effective way to transfer money from any bank account in the united state of India. Also tax Payment made easy and pay your Central Excise and service tax online from the comfort of your office or home.  And provide a safe and secure and convenient way of DGFT online e payment. provide ONLINE across banks through our Star connect Internet banking service using RTGS and NEFT facility.

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Delhi University Vacancy – Information Executive Posts Recruitment

Delhi University invites applications to fill the vacancies of Information Executives on contractual basis. There are total 4 posts of Information Executives in the University. Details regarding age limit, qualifications, application process, etc. are given below.

Job Description:

Job Title: Information Executive

Number of vacancies: There are total 4 Posts among them 3 posts are for unreserved candidates and 1 post is reserved for ST candidate.

Salary: Consolidated amount of Rs.13200/- will be payable to selected candidates.

Educational Qualification: Candidate should have passed graduation from any discipline. Knowledge of computer is essential. Fluency in Hindi and English is desirable.
Diploma/ Certificate course in communication skills or public relations or front desk management or academic information centre management will desirable.

Age Limit: Candidate’s age should be below 27 years as on 31/01/2013.

Age Relaxation: Age relaxation is applicable only to ST candidates.

Dates to Remember: Last date of receipt of application is 13/02/2013.

How to Apply for Delhi University Recruitment 2013 for the post of Information Executive:

Candidate has to apply in given prescribed application format. Duly filled application form along with all self attested testimonials submitted to,

Room No. 205, 2nd Floor,
New Administrative Block,
University of Delhi,
Delhi – 110007.

Source Website: Read Official Advertisement at Here:

Go to - Malayala Manorama Online News ePaper

Malayala Manorama is a daily newspaper in Malayalam language published in Kerala state, India. The word “Manorama” means “entertainer” in Malayalam language. The newspaper is owed by Malayala Manorama Group. The group is a joint stock publishing company and it was incorporated in 1888 by kandathil vargese mappillai at Kottayam. The name of paper was chosen by the poet, Raghavan Nambiar, Villuvarvattathu. He was from Tiruvalla. Their official website is

Malayala Manorama Online News ePaper

Malayala Manorama was launched at 14th march, 1890. The newspaper posses 3rd position in all over India after The Times of India and Dainik Jagran. The daily holds 26th position as most circulating newspaper in the world. It is most widely read daily newspaper in Kerala and posses 1st rank in Kerala. The daily has around 20 million readers around all over the world. It has around over 1.9 million copies of annual circulation.

It was published as a weekly newspaper in its beginning in 1890. But after widen circulation area, it turned in daily newspaper. The group publishes around 32 publications daily, weekly & yearly in five languages English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Bengali. Manorama group brought out an Indian weekly ‘The Week’ & ‘Manorama Yearbook’.

The group has its other publications The Week, Karshakasree, Tozhilveedhi, Vanitha, Vanitha Hindi, Balarama, Balarama Digest, Balarama Amar Chitra Katha, Kalikkudukka, Magic Pot, Arogyam, The Man, Fast Track, Tell Me Why and Bashaposhini.

The publication house has its other editions in the cities Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Dubai, Kozhikode, Kochi, Kannur, Kollam, Mangaluru, Mumbai, Manama, Malappuram, Pathanamthitta, Palakkad, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissu.

The publication house is situated at Kerala. The head office is at
Malayala Manorama,
Post Box Number - 26,
Kottayam - 686 001,
Kerala, India.

Phone Number: 91-481-2563646 and 91-481-2563236