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How To Play O2 Top-up Surprises Now?

Do you know about O2 mobile networking? If u want to know to play any of game related to O2 networking, then you have know about the top up voucher and get full details.

o2 top up surprises
O2 gives different offer to all individual players to play for uncounted times. There are two types of game offering to all individual’s silver game and golden game. There is different top up voucher for playing to different game silver game and gold game. Top up recharge for silver game is £10 and the same for gold game £15. Get the best surprise after playing the game, O2 get update itself each month of the year.

Need’s to play O2?

1.     Get yourself register with O2 mobile network user’
2.     After getting register you have to recharge with your selecting type’s game and get chance to win different surprise.
3.     The O2 mobile network gave chance to user to win high surprises. For that the user’s need to get recharge with top up voucher’s like gold game.

Method to get recharge

1.     See the link sending at bottom of the page. After that click option displaying on the screen like silver game £10 or gold game £15 which ever you would like to play. Or either get top up by dialing 444 free.
2.     Once you get top up with your voucher the O2 mobile networking gave a personal code number to the user within few minutes.

Way to play

1.     Once you get recharge you would seen displaying play option on the screen. If you have select silver game then press plays silver game or either plays gold game.
2.     After getting enter on the screen type your unique code given to you, type your mobile number and start to play.
3.     Aim the duck seeing on the screen with you water pistol by using mouse then shoot out the duck before the duck get in to the water.
4.     If you have select silver game then only one duck is showing on the screen with hooked. If you have select gold game then three duck will show at one time displaying with their hooked.
5.     After playing and winning the stunning game you will see the surprise on the screen given by O2 to winners. Select the one of them and write your name over there you will your surprise from O2 online mobile networking game.

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