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What Kind of Phone Does Justin Bieber Have?

Everyone is exciting to know about their favorite stars, what they are doing, about their hair style, their clothing styles, which brand they prefers, what kind of phones they using? Etc.

What Kind of Phone Does Justin Bieber Have

So here this article about A Famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber, what kind of phone does Justin have?
As we all know that BlackBerry smart phones are so famous for their E-mail capacities, and in their also have so many useful feature like BlackBerry messenger also known as BBM service, in that you can send massages to other BB phones for free, watch videos on YouTube, listening to music and to stay active on Face book and Twitter.

What Kind of Phone Does Justin Bieber Have

Well, checking emails and stay active in social sites is not enough, it’s having fun to use Apple Iphone 5 and its apps, yes Justin is also fan of Apple iphone and he have latest phone of Apple. JB also had launched his own app and that is only available at iTunes, so if you want to download that app, download from iTunes, and yes, JB is earning much money from this App.

So Justin is using BlackBerry Curve and Apple’s IPhone 5 and he is using his smart phones on daily basis.


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