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Review on - Make your Blog a Premium Blog

Advertisement  is a service that will make your blog a premium blog. Yes a premium blog that will earn you money. If you think that your blog is so cool and interesting that you can get paid for the same by your readers then this new service will be a stepping stone for your blog. It will offer premium content to any person who visits the same and you will get paid for the same.

Blarchives is a network of blogs that has a part of their content marked as “premium”. The same can be accessed only by those persons who pay a monthly charge as fees. The current fee that is charged is $4.99. Those people who pay this amount can only have access to the contents that are labeled as ‘premium” on blarchives.

The one who has paid the charge can have this service and will view all the premium content through a single login. Once they have logged in at no point of time they will have to give ay more information they can easily have access to the contents marked as “premium” without any sort of disturbance.

A free 30 days trail is also given to you. During the period you can view the content to the full and also decide whether you want to avail the same or not and want to pay the charge or not.

It is a service that supports bloggers and gets full access to premium blog contents. As a blogger you will definitely love it. The reason why you will love it is that it will monetize your article in a manner that it is useful for both the bloggers and their readers. This all can be done just by a single login. So go to and just check the same.

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