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Advertisement is a website is a service for editing a word press. It is an advanced full screen word press WYSIWYG editor. This service is a new excellent plug in that provides a minimalist word press editor which enables you to post your blog in just few seconds.

You can make changes in your article by using this front end word press editor just by clicking a button in just few seconds. It helps you prevent from wasting your precious time, widgets and confusing HTML codes.

Artsy editor makes word press more interesting and you do not get bored in fact it makes it more filled with fun. The editor supports with browsers like fire fox, safari, chrome and opera. It supports word presses which are above 2.5 and you can post your blog without any disturbance or distractions.

It works as your servant and does all that you wish to do without even bothering how you write your blog. You just have to write your blog and edit the same in jiffy that’s all you need to do. You don’t even have to worry about your images for this you just need to drag and drop your image and it will be formatted, resized  all just for you.

The best part about this editor that it will cost you just $19.99 isn’t that really very cheap so it helps you save your money also. In just this price you get the full license. Yes that’s true so just go garb one now and experience the wonders that the editor will do for you.

You will definitely now fall in love with your word press and will not get frustrated over your word press. The editor also provides you with facilities like faster ways of formatting, adding links, uploading media files and edits your images. It is a perfect editor.

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