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Review on General Interest Blog -

Holy blogz is for all the articles related to different topics. The topics are mostly related to general interest. The main categories that are highlighted on this website are technology, business, lifestyle, entertainment, sports and travel. If you are a blogger writing blog on any of these topics then you must definitely read the publishing guidelines before you send your articles in.

The website has got ranking of 12 out 50 websites from Google. The number of websites that compete with the is 218.

The rule is not to include more than three back up links in a same article and also avoid using images that are larger in size than 350p. And also the article that you submit should be your own and not copied ones. In short they should be original. If you learn these rules and follow them strictly then your article is mostly likely to be featured.

Once it is featured people can both read and vote it. And if you are liked and voted highly then your article deserves to get space in the popular posts section. The aim of is to connect the bloggers with passion and purpose. Those people who have just started their blogging work will welcome and love the free exposition. This is really good for the new learners. And this all is absolutely free of cost.

The platform is designed for everyone whether it is a new comer or a professional blogger. It allows them to share their passion, thoughts and knowledge with everyone in the world. It enables you to publish your unique thoughts through a blog, posts, articles etc. it also allows business class people to publish anything and everything they want the world to know about them through writing blogs, press realses or any thing about their products which would help them to be popular.

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