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Chris Gayle 175 Runs Innings Video Highlights – RCB vs. PWI (Pune Warriors) Date - 23/04/2013

33rd years, Chris Gayle is a well known cricketer who plays international cricket for the West Indies. Recently Gayle is played in IPL 6 for Royal Challengers Bangalore Team. Today the day of April 23, 2013 is big day in Indian Premier League, because Chris Gayle scored 175 runs in only in 66 Balls vs. Pune Warriors team. This cricket match is like highlights, you can see this high lights video here.

Chris Gayle 175 Runs highlights

This is big fun day for all the people who are in stadium or front of TV to watch live cricket IPL match today. Gayle do this 175 runs with 17 six and 13 four, means 154 runs from only boundary. To watch this Video Highlights of RCB (Bangalore) vs. PWI (Pune Warriors) (Date-22/04/2013) is a pleasure for cricket fans and also for critics.

Gayle 175 Runs Video Highlights

Chris Gayle 175 Runs highlight video

Chris Gayle 175 Runs

Chris Gayle 175 Runs innings

Now, this sixth season of the Indian Premier League is become very interesting with this Damakedar batting performance by RCB team vs. PWI team. Total today’s score of RCB inning is 263/5 in 20 overs.

Chris Gayle 17 sixes vs. Pune - 175 runs not out video:

Chris Gayle 17 sixes

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7.8 Richter Scale Earthquake Hits India, Pakistan, Iran and Gulf – Latest Photos

A strong earthquake felt near the border of Pakistan, North India, Iran and Gulf States. The quake was measured at 7.8 Richter scale and its epicentre is declared on the Iran-Pakistan border at a depth of 15.2 (9.4 miles) kilometers by the US Geological Survey.

Earthquake Hits India news

The quake was felt at 4.20 PM for several seconds. The earthquake felts in 201 kilometers southeast of the Iranian city of Zahedan and 250 km northwest of Turbat in Pakistan.

The earthquake was also felt widely in North India, Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Ahmedabad and North India cities. The buildings shook and people ran into the streets said by witnesses.

Till last minute, there is no damage to property and life has been reported.

Earthquake Hits India photos

Earthquake India news

Earthquake pakistan photos

The Indian Metrological Department said that a powerful earthquake of 6.3 magnitudes also hit the Iran last week on Tuesday. The report says that there have been 37 people killed and around 850 are injured as it two villages homes and devastated collapsed in south-west Iran about a week ago in Iran.

Most of the nuclear-related plants including the Bushehr nuclear power plant on the Gulf coast. But the U.S. Institute for Science and International Security map did not show any of them in southeastern Iran close to Pakistan.

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Katrina Kaif upcoming Movies 2019 and Photos Gallery in Red

‘Katrina Kaif’ is one of lead top actress of Bollywood, is British Indian actress born on 16 July 1984 in Hong Kong, recently she is staying in Mumbai and enjoying her beautiful and successful career.

Katrina’s father was Muslim, Mohammed Kaif and her mother was Christian, Susanna Turquotte. She started her career as model; she also walked on London Fashion Week. Filmmaker Kaizad Gustad gives her break in his film Boom (2003), there after she shifted to Mumbai, was offered some modeling assignment, in 2005 she played a cameo role in Sarkar.

Katrina Kaif Photos Gallery in Red

Katrina Kaif photo

Katrina Kaif close up

Katrina Kaif beauty

Katrina Kaif in bikini

But filmmakers scared to take her in films because she can’t speak Hindi language properly.  Then she appears in Maine pyar kyu kiya opposite of Salman khan. Then she learnt Hindi language and seen in Namastey London opposite of Akshay Kumar and her career took a successful turned, then she gave so many successful films with big banners.

Now she made her strong position in Bollywood as successful lead actress.

List of Kaif’s big banner upcoming movies in 2013-14

Main Krishna Hoon in cameo role - 2013
Dhoom 3: Back in Action – with Amir Khan, Abhishek bachchan and Uday Chopra – 2013
Bombay Talkies: Post-production
Bang Bang: Pre-production (2014)

Mine Craft Game Online - Review on

The developers of mine craft are the Majang. And the designers are Markus “Notch” person. It was released on November 18, 2011. It is a sand box build in independent video game. In the year 2011 the full creative control over it was taken over by Jens Bergen ten. Mine craft focuses on creativity and building. It allows the players to do construction out of textured cubes in a 3d world.


It was released as an alpha on May 17, 2009 and a beta version of it was released on December 29, 2010. The android version was released on November 18, 2011. And the x box was released on May 9, 2012.

The game play on its commercial release has two main modes, the first one is the survival in which the player is required to acquire resources by their own and have to maintain their health and hunger as well. And the second mode is the creative one in which the player has got an unlimited supply of resource and has also got the ability to fly and no health and hunger.

There is also a third game play mode which is named as hard core it is same and similar to the survival mode in the game. But the difficult part is locked on the hardest setting and respawning is disabled which forces the player to delete his or her world upon death. The other version that is available is an outdated classic one and that is available for free.

But it is no longer been developed. The creative mine craft is same and similar to the classic one but has got many more additional features in it. The game play is been inspired by the Infinimer which is a product of Zachtronics industries. And also by the Dwarf Fortress which is by Bay 12 games.

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jetpack me

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