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Review on - User Feedback and Survey Software for Web Sites

Review on - User Feedback and Survey Software for Web Sites:  is a customer feedback widget. It enables the bloggers abd website owners to improve and enhance their conversation and relationship with the customers. It also helps them to grab the right category of customers by the way of conducting sample surveys.


The service provides the bloggers and the website owners with the one click survey facility that can be presented to the website or blog visitors. By the widget to your website or blog and conducting the survey you can get the information and data which will help you get loyal customers and also attract new customers and build a strong and long lasting relationship with them.

User mood was developed by Dave Churchville. The reason why this application was found out was the planner software urged a need for quick and actionable feedback from the users and the customers. The outcome of which was user mood and the facilities that are available on the user mood.

As the name goes it enables to know the mood of the users. There is hardly any difference between the user mood and other survey widgets but this one is more users friendly and has attractive and effective designs.

In this type of service questions are created along with the multiple choice format of answers to respond. You can customize and modify the same with your choice of colors using the configuration option. The user can also control the timing one wants to conduct the survey for.

The installation is a very easy task you just need copy and paste two lines of code. The survey is not an integral part so that the visitors are not disturbed. Users can also review the real time results and the reports so that they can take actions strait away. So do check the same and get the best out of it.

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