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Review on  has got a ranking of 1003089. This is a new start up which allows the readers to give their opinions about famous public figures. Readers can present their views on any personality they wish to even for Brack Obama. It allows the publishers to track the views and opinions that the readers have given. The founders of this website are Chris Layman and Corey Brundage. Once you add the plug in your website special links will be added to your website automatically when famous names will appear.

Now if the readers, visitors or viewers wish they can click on those links and present their views whether they “love that person or not” by giving votes for the same. They can also scroll to the comments part of the content so that they can also view the poll results on the same website and also on the entire network of

The aim of creating this website is that the publishers of the website or the bloggers can get more connected with their viewers and readers and can have a longer conversation with them so that they stay in connection to their website or blog for a longer period time which would help popularize your website or your blog. The readers, visitors and viewers have the option to post comments, vote in a single article. Once you click on the link you will be able to see every single comment made by every single reader and visitor and in return you can also comment for the same this becomes a two way conversation.

There are also chances of misleading votes but on the other side big personality gets a real picture about their popularity and also people come to know more and more about the person when different people post different comments.

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