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Gangnam Style of PSY - Official Music Video for Gangnam Style on YouTube

Basics about song
Gangnam Style is a single by South Korean rapper Psy. Song was released on July 15 2012 as lead single of his sixth studio album PSY’s Best 6th Part 1. This video became so much famous that it was shared on internet by some of the famous personalities / celebrity including T-Pain, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Tom cruise and Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman. The video reached 400 million views on YouTube on 8th, October, 2012.

What is the Background of the Gangnam Style Song
Gangnam Style is a Korean neologism that refers to the lifestyle of the trendy, hip ad exudes people of Gangnam district of Seoul. This song is actually poking out those people who are trying out to be what they are not. The song is about a girlfriend who knows when to get wild and when to get refined.

Making of the Music video and more about this song
The music video is quite impressive and shows Psy performing a horse riding dance and Psy is appearing in unexpected locations around the Gangnam sometimes in Outdoor yoga session and a hot tub. This video was directed in District Gangnam. Video took over 48 hours to shoot.

Appearances and live performance
After the release of the song Psy started giving live performances. He performed at different places.

Impact of the Song
There was a great impact of the song all over. This video was trending like anything. After 8 October this video crossed 400 million of viewers.

References in Politics
In October 3, 2012 the question was raised by a journalist to Spokeswoman about if she had listen to this song. But she said no. on October 4 Singapore’s prime minister wrote on his Facebook page about that he enjoyed watching that video. There are many more things to share with.

Popular Culture
While trend was going and increasing culture of this song, on the social network websites showed some flash mobs many people made.

This video came into controversy in El Monte lifeguards incident and then came in to eyes of media in Parody by the Royal Thai Navy.

In short about the song
This song was very much popular due to Psy this song made the Korean music lovers rock with his lyrics and beats that too with package of Dance. Celebrities even tweeted about this video and greeting Psy about his performance.

Gangnam Style Lyrics English Pronunciation

Oppa Gangnam Style Youtube Original Video:

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