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Mechanical drafter for the Multinational Engineering Group by the Global Talent Strategies - Perth Metro

Require Mechanical drafter for the Multinational Engineering Group by the Global Talent Strategies - Perth Metro

Job title: mechanical drafter

Salary base: from $80,000 - $90,000

Type of the work: require for the full time

Location of the job: Perth Metro, WA

Opening date: Tuesday, 16-10-2012

Closing date: not given, not specified.

Job summary: Engineering, for the development of product, or to make design or to draft Engineering

Advertiser: Global Talent Strategies

It is for the head manufacturing quarters & it is provides huge opportunities to develop or to make career, it involves manage or develop or changes in the career. It makes difference or distinctive from the other firm or agency.

The client from this company is known or familiar throughout the sector as heavy market leader. This also helps in make the high range of world-class & demands in support component & the other require accessories for the work of construction, oil & gas, mining, & other mineral process.

The company now provides the opportunity of very key important role of Mechanical drafter in the technical team.

The candidate has to do drafting for the mechanical work projects by using solid works & Auto CAD

The firm will have the following-
  • The company has demonstrated ability to make preparation for the detailed drawings.
  • The drafter has to make or maintain following drawing system of filing.
  • The drafter should make all preparation for the documents & proposals.
  • The candidate should have the ability of making drawings & the section of the drawings.
  • The candidate should also have ability to work in autonomous situation.
  • The candidates also have the excellent communication skills in both ways written or oral.
  • The candidate also has proficiency in AutoCAD & solid works.
  • The candidate should be the holder of degree of Mechanical Engineering Degree or Diploma.
  • The company also gives the recognition or reward for the good performance or for the best work.
The interested candidates for the job should apply - For more details of application visit at here.

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