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Nokia Started its Operation Long Years Back the Silicon Valley

The Nokia Company is resetting its establishment in US. The company had started its resetting from the place where it started its operation long years back the Silicon Valley. The company has started the IKEN showroom trying to open the competition with the underdog culture which was the reason for its past success.

The area was occupied through the Nokia Company but at present some other companies are also giving a tough competition. The companies such as Apple and Iphone devices powered by the Google and the android software are taking the some part of share in the existing market.

Nokia has occupied the Windows base mobile section through the market. With the new Lumia smart phone Nokia has renewed its windows base devices list. On the recent time scenario the outside software developers are cooping to the company’s software too. The software developers such as Pier 39 and Alcatraz are some of the new software developers.

The success of the Nokia as the leading mobile device seller has became due to its working environment also. The environment were the innovative thinking is given the at most preference. The company fields the dominance of the other company in the U.S then it was the California based Apple Company which gave the tough competition. The dominance in the market was brutal.

The company was able to get the sale of 32.4 million in the year 2003 which was near to the twenty percent of the company’s global sale. Due to the uncompetitive technology the company was pulled out from the market in the year 2011 even at that time the company was able to manage the 3.9 million mobile devices it was all around one percent of the global sale of its products.

But with the entry of the Lumia phones the company was able to get a jump. The company was able to sale 600000 mobile devices in the first quarter in the North America compared to the 500000 in the fourth quarter. Revenue from this product was also hiked by the entry of this product.

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