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Report - Last year Indian IT companies in the United States

Last year Indian IT companies in the United States, in recession climate they succeed to fill the 2.8 lakhs vacancies & through acquisition & grinaphilda projects they invested the five billion dollars in FDI, said Nirupama rav to the Asia Society, who is India’s ambassador, in US.

Unemployment rate is very low in technology field than the manufacturing field. Therefore we focused to bring jobs back in manufacturing field. U. S. trade and economic relations with India have not reached U.S trade and economic relations like with China.

In this area there are still left to achieve many goals, said Rav. Indian companies & commercial’s well being interest’s voice is not heard by the U.S.

Between this high voice from America on this matter India’s political economy & people’s desire, what they can understand properly? Asked by them. Due to the economic reforms in India there is no question that the way is getting reverse.

From 1991 India is reforming, so many governments had changed but their reforming process are not getting reverse way, said rav.

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