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Serial ‘Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage’ - New Show on Sony TV

Sony TV again comes up with the new television show- Love marriage Ya Arrange marriage, starts on 6th Aug. 2012. Concept is that, love marriages is best or arrange marriage. There are 2 best friend- Mansi (Samaira Rao), & Shivani (Rishika Mihani).

Mansi is the good girl or student who is perfect in everything, she dressed always well, & she is realy good in all. Mansi believes in arrange marriage, she very traditional & Indian girl, which makes a good life. She is very obedient to her parents; she feels that they know her best.

Shivani is very tomboy type girl, she is really bindass & she doesn’t care about anything. Shivani believes in love marriage, she can’t understand the concept of arrange marriage. That 2 stranger get married to each other & spent their whole life together, later Shivani fall in love with Sahil (Aashish Kapoor).

Anup is pilot. He stays with his uncle, he is nature is an introverte type. Anup is very quite & he builds a war around himself. His parents treat him very coldly. Later he gets married with Mansi, his relation with Mansi is very uncomfortable due to his shy nature.


Sahil is also from the same family of Anup. Sahil is exactly opposite from the Anup, he does not follow any rules or tradition of his family, he does whatever she wants, but he is the loveable kid of the family so he forgive by them. And he fall in love with Shivani & breaks the tradition of the family of arrange marriage. His brother Anup also treat him as a kid brother.

Launch Of New Show:

Producer Kamlesh Pandey says, “The lead girls in this show have their own ideologies that they’ll share with the audience”. They debate naturally like two friends do on their conversation.

So let’s watch the so how much it loved or prefer by the audience.

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