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Wells Fargo Sign On to View your Accounts - Online Banking Login

Wells Fargo Bank Online Banking / Sign On to View your Accounts / Routing Number:
Wells Fargo is an American multinational banking company functioning around the world. It is the fourth largest bank in the United States and the largest by market capitalisation. It maintains a website full of contents and user friendly navigations for standard online banking services. Well Fargo allows consumers to set up and fund new accounts by checking online, which is an added convenience.

Wells Fargo Routing Number California Routing Number 121042882

After you acquire an account, you can sign in and view your account from the comfort of your home. Proper guidelines for personal information and privacy protection are provided. All that is needed are a computer and a phone with internet access, and you start off on your online venture with the bank. Some simple steps are required to be kept in mind.
  • Go to the website of Wells Fargo
  • On reaching the website, login using your pre-set username and password provided by the Wells Fargo consultant.
  • After logging in , you enter your account summary where you can check your savings account and outstanding balances,
  • Next you have to transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts. To do this, click on the Transfer funds tab on the left side of your screen and then determine which account to or from and the specified amount that you want to transfer.
  • Wells Fargo feature allows you to pay your bills such as phone, gas etc. through the website. After clicking the Transfer Funds tab, click on Pay a Bill. After confirming what organisation or person you would like to pay, feed your account number, the amount and the other persons account number.
  • User Id and password will be provided by your Well Fargo advisor when you sign up for an account,
  • It cannot be created directly by you through the Well Fargo website
  • Expect pop ups on signing in to your account.

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