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Nutritional Tips for Athletes Performance - They needs more Calories

Nutritional Tips for Athletes Performance - They needs more Calories:
A well balanced diet is mandatory for athletes as it plays an important role for him to achieve his pre determined goal. His diet must contain perfect proportions of fats, protein, carbohydrates, fiber etc. It is important for athletes to keep his body and muscles well fulled throughout the day to ensure that he has plenty of energy and to avoid fatigue.

Make sure as athletes your diet contains high amount of carbohydrates as they are a good source of energy. It is advised to take extra carbohydrates before few days of the event. It definitely proves beneficial. Foods like fruits, breads, rice, baked potatoes and pasta have high amount of carbohydrates in them.

Athletes needs more amount of calories than a normal man. So watch your calorie count.

Take food which prevents you from dehydration .drink lots of water and electrolytes before and after your workout. A high protein diet needs more water to eliminate the excess nitrogen through urine.

Watch your fats be sure you do not consume trans fatty acid and saturated fats and include omega 3 fatty acids. Avoid high fat protine found in fast food, beverages and instead focuses on grilled beef or chicken, eggs, seafood, seeds and nuts and nut butter.

Intake variety of food in your diet but excludes sweet food and caffeine.

Protein plays a vital role in muscle development and health, tissue repair, wound healing and hormone regulation and so it is important to consume protein enriched food and supplements.

Athletes also have to intake iron to prevent fatigue and enough calcium to maintain strong bones and muscle.

Include enough fiber to promote regular bowel movements-but not too much fiber or you’ll have the opposite problem.

Remember Three r’s to recovery –replenish, repair, rebuild.

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