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Ramadan Month of Mercy Conference - Fasting Month RamaJan 2019

Ramadan Month of Mercy Conference - Fasting Month RamaJan 2019:
The month of Ramadan has begun on Saturday. Roza is one of the from Islam five Frayj [required Ibadton]. In every religion that provides some form of fast. It begins when moon of ‘Mahe’ Ramadan appears. In Quran ‘Allahtala’ says that Fasts doesn’t mean simply hungry – and thirsty.

It is the process, to improve the human spirit, strengths and virtue. Ramajan is the month of spiritual purification. It is the month of prayer Mubark. The entire month, Muslims having fast.  It is belief that these month Almighty’s doors are open for blessing. It teaches to get control on Senses not only to stay hungry or thirsty. It is hard religious austerity.

Thinking ill for others, give trouble to other or to lie, the fast will be worthless. During this days the day started in early morning between 3 to 4 am, during this time by ingestion, they get prepare for fasting whole day it’s called ‘Sehari’. After ‘Sehari’ they do their first prayer of the day called ‘Namaz’. And after that they started their routine working day.

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After doing 5 prayer of the day (Namaz) about nine o’clock they do the preparation for prayer of ‘Travih’ Namaz. In that they systematically rewind the Qur'an. ‘Neamt Quran’ is Ramjan’s biggest Quran. 26th night of Ramjan, Brkht it is considered bigger or batter night. To break the fast they eat fruits, date, and also with the other testy things. And after that they start hosting to their guest and they wish or celebrate the Ramajan.

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