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Alexandria, VA, US - Manager for Project of Commerce Department

Manager for Project of Commerce Department - Alexandria, VA, US:
Job Title: IT Manager for project
Department: Commerce department
Agency: Patent and Trademark Office
SALARY BASE: $105,211.00 to $136,771.00 / Per Year
OPEN PERIOD: Till Monday, July 30, 2012
POST INFORMATION: For Full-Time, on Permanent basis.
DUTY LOCATIONS: FEW vacancies - Alexandria, VA, US

  • Candidate or project manager has to do the key role for the project completion with his ability & skills.
  • The manager should explain and also identifies customer’s information requirements by conducting analytical studies and also do the cost-benefit analysis or many various kind of                   research in given project.
  • Manager must take Part in key officials’ projects &for achieve goals and coordinates the activities   of a master plan for attainment of goals.
  • And also acquire IT services, equipment, products, supplies, property, or other items which are necessary for successful completion of projects.
  • Manager should also make sure that there is proper availability of fund for TO.
  • And also maintain day-to-day record of the project.
  • And also do the project management activity, coordinating, and combining project activities.
Qualification needs:
  • Specialized experience which required as per post. Proper knowledge of the work, excellence skills and required abilities to perform successfully the task of the post, and related to the position to be filled.
How to get evaluate:
  • As per the specialized knowledge, evidence of candidate’s ability. His experience for the job, proper response to the self-assessment questions.
  • Who are best & well qualified for the post.
  • The employee (manager) get the benefit of paid vacation, sick leave, paid holidays, life insurance, health benefits etc..
Apply for this job of Manager for Project of Commerce Department in Alexandria, VA, US and know more details visit at:

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