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American war journalist abducted in Syria

American war journalist abducted in Syria
The independent American journalist James Foley (39) end of November in northern Syria kidnapped. That made his family said Wednesday.

Foley is an experienced war reporter that the major conflicts of the past few years closely followed. Days before his disappearance, he sent the French news agency AFP still video images from the Syrian province of Idlib.

The President of AFP, Emmanuel Hoog, said everything possible to ensure Foley release. "He is a professional journalist who absolutely impartial in this conflict," said High.

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Foley also worked for Global Post, an American website specializing in international news, and for major U.S. channels. It is said that on 22 November near the city Taftanaz by four men armed with Kalashnikovs are included, which subsequently his driver and interpreter set free. His relatives are without news of him since then.

The family had initially asked his abduction to keep quiet in the hope that the efforts for his release would benefit. But after six weeks of silence she decided the news world to see. So far nobody has claimed the kidnapping, which may be committed by criminals, radical Islamists or supporters of the regime in Damascus.

A compatriot Richard Engel, correspondent of television channel NBC, was in Syria a few weeks ago five days held by an unknown group.

The civil war in Syria to various foreign journalists killed, among whom the French TV journalist Gilles Jacquier, war photographer Remi Ochlik and Marie Colvin, correspondent of The Sunday Times.

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