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Florida opens annual hunting tiger pythons
The tiger python has warned. In the U.S. state of Florida is Saturday a massive hunt for the snakes started. The authorities promise cash prizes for the most successful hunters.

Armed with guns, knives and machetes have hundreds of professional hunters and enthusiasts enrolled for the start of the Python Challenge 2013. The authorities promised $ 1,000 for the hunter who kills the longest snake and $ 1,500 for the man or woman who this month most snakes can outwit.

The aim of the game? As much as possible snakes kill, because the light tiger python or Burmese python has become a plague that threatens the fragile ecosystem of the Everglades. The snakes focus massacres in the population of raccoons, possums and other small mammals.

Population grew to 10,000 copies
Animal rights activists protesting against the competition. Thus, the organization Peta denounced that the government recommends for the snakes to behead a horrible way to kill, says Peta.

The first snakes, originally from South Asia come surfaced three decades ago for the first time in Florida, where they became popular as pets. Owners who showpiece could no longer run, they let free in nature and they have meanwhile with rotvaart multiplied. Experts suspect that there are currently about 10,000 pythons live in the Everglades.

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