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It is a free, open source plug in which transforms word press 3.0 into a platform which publishes electronic texts. allows you to grab posts from your word press blog, import feeds from external sites and create new content directly within anthologize. After this just outline, order and edit the work and craft it into a single volume for export in several formats. That may be PDF, PUB or TEI.

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It is ranked 677685 in the world among the 30 million domains. It is popular among the users in U.S. it gets 48.3% from the U.S. it has got 320 back links. It is ranked 677685 by the alexa ranking. It is a word press plug in that will allow you to collect and curate your content, organize and edit it and convert it into a form that works for you and publish it in one single number of e book formats.

It is a plug in that is shipping with four different formats for exporting PDF, PUB, RTF and also modified version of TEI that leaves most content in HTML form. It is designed with a view towards maximum flexibility and modularity.

If you want it then these service is just for you. It will allow you to take your blog and get it turned  a bound book which you can put up for sale and give it away to your friends, put it on your books shelf and look at with your eyes.

Using it is really very simple. Just download the already existing plug in and if you are running word press 3.0 then you will be able to extract the content for your blog also. After this you can decide the organization and layout of the book and get it generated both in print and digital format also. So just check the service out.

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