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Former Prime Minister Fischer exhausted for Czech presidency

Former Prime Minister Fischer exhausted for Czech presidency
Milos Zeman and Karel Schwarzenberg will fight on 25 and 26 January from whom the successor Vaclav Klaus as president of the Czech Republic. That turned out Saturday after the publication of the results of the first round.

It is the first time that the Czech population may vote on a new president. This resulted in a relatively high turnout of sixty percent. They had in the first round choice of nine names.

The voters made immediately for a surprise. The conservative Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg crossed former prime minister and co favorite Jan Fischer past two weeks and may play against the leftist former Prime Minister Milos Zeman.

Left to Right
The 68-year-old Zeman was victorious in the first round. With nearly all votes counted, he took 24.2 percent. The 75-year-old Schwarzenberg charmed 23.4 percent of voters. Fischer had to be content with 16.36 percent. Nobody got an absolute majority and thus follows a second round, probably about two weeks.

"It is a race to the presidency between a left and a right candidate," said Zeman. "We begin the second round again just at the beginning." The campaign was launched Saturday immediately. Schwarzenberg said Zeman a man who belongs in the past. Zeman served him to reply by saying that Schwarzenberg responsible for the severe cuts that the current government is making.

Czech Republic wants more pro-European stance towards
The 71-year-old Vaclav Klaus may after ten years no new mandate longer aspires. His term expires on 7 March. Klaus dropped repeatedly noted with sharp lash out at the European Union and bluntly climate change in demand. All his potential successors announce a more pro-European course on.

The president has a largely ceremonial role. He represents the Czech Republic abroad and appoints the prime minister, the judges of the Constitutional Court and the Board of the National Bank.

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