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Prajavani ePaper Login

This is a leading newspaper of state Karnataka, India. Their official website is It published from The Printers (Mysore) Private Limited. In addition, its further publications are Deccan Herald, Sudha and Mayura. The main motive of institute is to provide value to readers. It faced so many new challenges by providing new value and guidance to the readers. For the ereaders the site is

prajavani epaper login

The founders established corporate philosophy in the print media. They act as an instrument to the people. People worked with The Printers (Mysore) Private Limited bonded together by team spirit. They are passionate about progress and growth of the newspaper. It introduce a new era of colored pages and computerized electronic news transmission from front page to end in the history of newspaper. It was the first Indian publication to provide notebook computers to its employees in 1989., the publication also keeps pace with a sophisticated expansion and integration programme designed to make each of its publications reflect the true essence of the new Karnataka. One of its publications, Deccan Herald was produced to the best equipments comparing to others at that time. They all time use best modernized technology of such time. have many online readers.

They have taken step towards quality and have installed a quality system ISO 9001:2000 for improving quality in production, installation and serving. The group of company has an effective system of Total Quality Management which believes in providing customer satisfaction.

Common mission, common goal and common vision bind employees together. The attracting feature of the publication house is its interesting, touchable articles provided in different sections. Any age-group can catch suitable article as they are divided section wise. The most interesting parts are economy and business, avenues, sport scene, articulations, science and technology, metro life, spectrum, and more on.

It provides edition in Hyderabad, Mangalore and Karnataka. Digital workflow with the help of cutting-age technology is its main advantage.

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