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Talk White House after hour passed

Talk White House after hour passed
In the United States, the leaders of the Congress made an attempt for the dreaded budget ravine, the fiscal cliff, to avert. Republicans and Democrats in the White House consulted with President Obama. The White House has announced that Obama gives a press conference later today.

Presumably, Obama has proposed to the current tax rates for everyone to maintain, except for the wealthiest Americans. Also wants the president to extend financial assistance for the unemployed. Besides the Republicans, Democrats and President Obama did Vice President Biden and Secretary Geithner of Finance participated in the consultation.

The leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Harry Reid, said after the Senate that, together with the Republicans on a solution being worked. He said the talks were serious and is optimistic that there Sunday "something" is.

The Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell found it a "good meeting". He is optimistic and says that the next 24 hours're working hard to create something out what is mutually acceptable, if at the end of the year, no agreement on the U.S. budget, begin on 1 January of the tax up automatically and severe cuts in force.

Wall Street 
Investors had little confidence in the outcome of the consultations, just before the discussion began dropped prices on Wall Street.

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