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Acclaimed Ratan Tata to retire

Acclaimed Ratan Tata to retire
The celebrated entrepreneur Ratan Tata retires. The Indian businessman made of Tata Group is a global company with one billion turnovers. He grabs his 75th birthday today to the baton over to the relatively unknown Cyrus Mistry (44).

Tata's empire now produces tea and coffee, but also software, steel, cars and everything in between. He led the company 21 years and built it, including through high-profile foreign takeovers, into a conglomerate of over 100 companies.

Strong brand
In the Netherlands, Tata mainly known through the acquisition of Anglo-Dutch steel company Corus in 2007, thus became the owner of the former Hoogovens in IJmuiden.

In 1991, Ratan Tata in charge of JRD Tata, no family, there was a power struggle going on in the company management, but Ratan Tata got the wind is blowing on. Priority was the old-fashioned Tata a strong brand. That worked: in 2008 called Tata Business Week as one of the ten most innovative companies in the world.

Piano Playing
Ratan Tata is described as a pioneer with a vision and a leader with a passion for technology. He introduced the first truly Indian car, the Indica. 11 years later launched the Tata Nano car cheap, who are already struggling with problems. Since 2008, the Indian company also owns the brands Jaguar and Land Rover.

After his retirement, the bachelor Tata spend on technology, he said in an earlier interview. He will also play the piano, self fly and he will focus on philanthropic activities.

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