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Raped India deceased student

Raped India deceased student
The 23-year-old Indian student, who early last week in a bus in New Delhi was beaten and raped, has succumbed to her injuries. She was in a hospital in Singapore.

The student was with her friend to the cinema and got into a bus. There were two beaten with iron bars and the woman was an hour long by six men raped.

Then the couple from the moving bus threw. The six suspected perpetrators, including the driver of the bus, stuck.

Organ Failure 
By abuse the woman had severe brain damage and massive internal injuries. After three operations in New Delhi last Thursday, she was transferred to Singapore, where her condition deteriorated further. Organ failure is its ultimately fatal. Her family was with her when she died, said the hospital in Singapore in a statement. Her body will now be flown to India.

When the case became known, went to many places in India to the streets to protest against violence against women. The government decided to ban blinding of buses and New Delhi was more police on the streets sent to patrol.

Also, the government convicted rapists publicly shame them by their names, addresses and photos on the web.

Yesterday it was announced that an Indian girl 1:17 group rape committed suicide. The police wanted her first indictment not process, she wrote in a farewell letter, later, also by family, exerted strong pressure on her to one of the rapists to marry.

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