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Six killed by winter weather in U.S.

Six killed by winter weather in U.S. - Christmas storm's toll up to 6 dead as powerful winter system blows toward US Northeast
The heavy winter storms that since Christmas the southern United States ravaged, have moved to the east and cause nuisance that now, especially at airports. On Boxing Day were throughout the United States nearly 1,400 flights canceled due to bad weather.

Further problems are especially creates road traffic. Roads are impassable by snow or fallen trees, or they are so smooth that it can not be driven.

During the Christmas season are at least six people were killed as a result of the winter weather. Most of the traffic is create, when a man in Texas was killed when a tree fell on the car in which he rode, and in Louisiana found a man died when a tree fell on his house.

Weather physicists expect that the snow storms that continue moving north in the coming days will be treacherous and the traffic after the Christmas season gets under way will be more difficult.

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