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Dutch PSP - Betalen / Rekening van Derde Partij Ontvangen:
If you are searching for the easy mode of transacting and the reliable mode of doing business personally through the internet without the risk of fraudulent losing the money invested. The reliable mode of the transacting process makes the the user friendly it also has the reason behind it. Hundred percent fraud free transaction system, ideal transacting environment for the business.

Just fifty cent charged on per transactions. The on door delivery of the product and the on door email system so that the both the party gets the information at time. An overview of the user and the experience of the customers and the flashed out news in the channels shows the trustworthy of the system.

The paydutch is the just systems were the buyers and the seller has the hundred percent guarantee of the transaction been valid and any fraud free. The simple system used by the paydutch has many steps to be followed such as the buyer notification the step one and the seller acceptance the step two and the last step is the send and view.

In the buyer notification step the seller and the buyer have the internet advertising agreement in which the buyer goes to the home page of paydutch and reports the transaction by just clicking on “I am buyer” section the sudden number of the product and the personal information section pops out the buyer has to fill it with the current mobile number.

The buyer receives the free message on mobile it includes the transaction number and the unique transaction code. The buyer logs into the secure environment and the pays the purchase price with the online payment method. The other section is the seller accepts this section consist of the seller own receives in turn a free SMS with his own for the transaction, unique transaction code seller goes to the home page and enter this code paydutch and his mobile number in the “I am seller”. He is provided with the purchase entry date after the checking he accepts the transaction and inserts his data.

Now comes the terms of the seven day delivery the seller sends the product to the consignment buyer with the receipt within the seven day of acceptance data range. The buyer receives the product unpacks it and verifies it is according to his need, if yes then the money is transferred to the sellers account. This type of transaction makes the a best internet buying system.                

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