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Inna’s ‘Song Sun is Up’ Original Video / Lyrics on Youtube

‘Sun is up’ is a House and Dance-pop song and Romanian recording artist Inna sings this song for her second studio album “I am the Club Rocker”. Writers and producers are Sebastian Barac, Radu Bolfea, and Marcel Botezan. It was released on June 29, 2010 in Romania in Airplay Format and after that it was also released in Digital Download Format in Spain, United Stated and Canada on February 8, 2011 and also release in Australia on May 21, 2011.

The song was recorded in Play & Win studios which is located in Romania. The time period of it in a Radio Edit format in Play & Win studios is 3 minute and 45 seconds and in a video version it was 3 minute and 12 seconds and radio edit version in UK it was 2 minute and 32 seconds.

More Detail about ‘Sun is up’:
Alex Herron was a director of the song video and he also worked with Inna in a many videos. The location of the video was in Marbella, Spain on August 24, 2010. It started when INNA wears a green dress and walking croos a river and there was a forest around her. She wants to take photos so photo shooting with Tore Frisholm Jr and she make her preparation for it. In a very next scene INNA singing a song and in a mountain area she is in a Jacuzzi bath and after that she was singing and dancing in the party.

When there was a night scene and INNA was in her home then she was being privately photographed by Frisholm. Last scene of the video was Frisholm and singer in a party because video turns back to the party’s location and they both make out in the sunset.

In lyrics writer wants to say the people that there is always sun is up after a dark night. In a life there are problems and bad days comes in our life but after that good days are waiting for us so never lose hope in any problem. She says everybody puts your hands on the sky and gets the rythem of the music high. Everybody moves your body and enjoy this moments.

Youtube Video:

Live Performance and Chart Performance of the Song:
In Craiova INNA performed on the song in Romanian Music Awards 2010. She also performed in the various countries in her tours like in a Spain, Ukraine, and Slovakia. In Fun radio in the Franc her first abroad performance organized over there. In a weekly chart performance of the song in year 2010/11 it was ranked number 1 position in Bulgaria and Switzerland(Roman die Chart) and number 2 positions in France, Romania and Russia. It also got gold certification from Switzerland.

Lyrics on Screen:

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