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The site helps the people around the world to get their personal photo share and print their photos and create personalized gifts easily and affordable. The company comes with the print share option and the user can store the digital photos in an affordable manner. The unlimited photo uploading is the main attraction of the site.

The user can order the photos prints or the personalize gifts with their favorite photos a theme and message and they can be delivered to any doorstep in India, US, UK and Canada. The high professional quality is maintained in the services either it be prints or the gifts.  The world class technology is maintained.

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The user is provided with the great amount of features and the services promises. This helps the users to get the most out of their online photo experience in an easy manner. The customer rights are always kept under preference such as no limit is gauged on storage amount and no need to have the purchase to keep the storage continue.

The user can download their original photos any time and they are free to do so without any restriction.  The site also gets the facility of exporting the photos to the other places such as the Flicker and Picasa. And whatever the policies are they are all ways friendly to the user.

The technology is so used that the particular user can upload the photos directly from the mobile phone over email Iphone or directly from I photo or the computer Mac and PC desktop software etc.

The site comes with various facilities such as the Camera storage, Prints and Gifts and the Expert Zone. The print and gifts comes with the other features such as the photo books, photo prints, canvas prints, school is cool and have the other products.

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