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EYE Divine Cybermancy Walkthrough Gamefaqs and Review

E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy is an action packed role playing, first person shooter video game created by French Streum on Studio team. This cyberpunk themed game took two years to develop before being released for Windows PC on July 29, 2011 via Steam.

The game is futuristic in nature with a storyline of humanity being involved in an interplanetary battle with a mysterious race and a psionicentity that turns the people against each other thus, threatening the very existence of the universe.The player plays as an E.Y.E. agent who is a member of elite and secret army of psi-cybernetic warrior monks founded by SecretaSecretorum.

This agent is imbued with cybernetics, psionic training, has access to advanced technology and has the DNA of the only known member of advanced civilians ever to be captured and killed. The fight is against the powerful Federation, a conglomerate of corporations, several worlds and planets that represent the current human government and rule dictatorially.

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy features PvP, Team vs. Team, and co-op online multiplayer modes. Players can carry over their character statistics and abilities acquired through their single-player campaigns for their use in multi-player combats.

E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy has received mixed reviews with 64 out of 100 at metacritic. Though it has been praised for its originality, versatility, variety and captivity; it has also been criticized for its tiresome mechanics, confusing interface and poorly translated English text elements. Gamespot rated the game 7 out of 10 while GameSpy rated it 80 out of 100, unlike IGN which was more critical by giving 50 out of 100 rating.

Though E.Y.E. has a stronghold as a hard core, no hand holding PC games but lack of focus, poor A.I. and other issues takes away the charm of being a must- play game.

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