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Where is Justin Bieber and How to Meet Him?

How to Meet Justin Bieber?
Justin Bieber, the teenage heartthrob, makes young girls and young boys as well go crazy and cause a riot. Being a young teenage sensation, he has taken the music world and the youth by storm at a very young age. Insanely good looking and an awesome voice make him irresistible for all the young girls and guys. His infectious music leaves his fans humming for hours and what better to have the ultimate experience of meeting him in person to make your day!

Here are some ways to meet Justin Bieber
  • Go the traditional way and try contacting him through his many social networking sites ,like, and
  • Buy yourself a concert ticket to hear him….who knows you might get lucky and he would pull you up on the stage!
  • Check on his schedules, he may be doing a mall tour in your neighbourhood.
  • Find out on the various fan sites if there are any contests you can win to meet him
  • Call Justin on his fan cell phone number +404-665-3410
  • Stay glued to your radio. Radio stations have the power to get the singers down at their stations in lieu of popularising a new song. So you can have a perfect chance of meeting this boy wonder in a radio station near you.
  • A not so usual way is to catch him at a McDonalds. Apparently, it is common to catch Justin after one of his concerts at a McDonalds as he is very much into Big Macs a lot. Google map three closest McDonalds near an exit to the highway and wait out for your big opportunity there. You never know you just might get lucky!
Though no of these methods guarantees your chances of meeting Justin Beiber, it ups your chances by 45% in realising your dream of coming face to face with this teen sensation.

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