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How to Walk in High Heels without Pain & Comfortably – Video Guide

Walk in High Heels Comfortably and without Pain - Tips with Video Guide:
High Heels is being most popular Fashion in whole world. As u can see, models walking on ramps, celebrities, business women, house wife, college girl, even senior citizen lady also love to walk in high heels.

But every woman doesn’t know how to walk in Heels, because it’s not a god gift talent, but u can, with some perfect practice and discipline.

If you also want to go in any occasion or event in high heels and u feel fear to wear, so here I will guide u in some simple step with tips.

1) First see how models walking on ramp
2) Select your high heels carefully
3) Start with small baby steps
4) Practice more and more
5) Take some break than again star practice

Tips for Walk in High Heels without Pain & Comfortably
  • Start with ankle strap sandals which support your ankles, it help you how to attempt
  • Don’t dance fast in high heels
  • Walk slowly and carefully, don’t drive cars in high heels it’s not good idea.
  • So, for whom you are waiting? Just practice; there after enjoy walking in high heels…..

How to Walk in Heels Video Guide:

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