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The United States warned its Citizens against Traveling to India


The United States issued renewed travel Advisory in that they warned its citizens against travel to overseas countries, including in India. Foreign Department said in its new global travel alert, to its citizens that terrorist and insurgent activities persist in India. That may directly or indirectly affect to American citizens.

The United States said in its Travel Advisory that, western anti-terrorist groups, some of which are in the American government's list, which are active in India. The harkat- ul - jihada - E - Islamic, hitch - ul - mujahiddina, Indian mujahiddina, jaisa - e - Mohammad and the lashker- is - toibano are included.

Foreign department said that, Terrorism in India, they make target several spots like hotels, trains, railway stations, markets, cinemas, mosques and public places like restaurants. Terrorist attacks against American citizens and other violent acts, because of these risk they are informed to take precaution.

Current data suggest that the Al - Qaeda and its affiliated groups and other terrorist organizations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, including the various regions are planning terror attacks against American citizen.

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