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Microsoft had first Loss in 24 Years

Microsoft had first Loss in 24 Years:
Computer giant Microsoft Company has suffered any losses in the first quarter from last 24 years. About these losses in the quarter ended in June they came to know, after a fall in business of online advertising. Microsoft, in the value of their digital marketing service ‘Akwantiv’, had a decrease of $ 6.2 billion, after which company suffered.

‘Akwantiv’ could not give predictable profits to Microsoft. Due to this they suffer loss of $ 49.2 million in the quarter ending in June. In the same period last year there was a gain of $ 5.9 billion. After entry in stock market in 1986, the company never incurred loss.

But Microsoft is doing well in other areas. And there is decline in the popularity of the Windows operating system. The adjustments for loss of capital and the launch of Microsoft's Windows 8 attached system are prevented. If we ignore some income, the company realizes gain more than the expectation of investors.

After results were announced there was a 1.6 percent surge in Microsoft shares. Microsoft is ready to launch his tablet surface. Windows 8 will be launched in October and it all shows up as a new application will be presented in mosaic tiles.

Microsoft reports first loss as public company - News Video:

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