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Weather man pushed NY Metro

Weather man pushed NY Metro
For the second time in a short time in New York, someone pushed underground. Witnesses claim against U.S. media that a woman an unsuspecting man for an approaching train pushed. The victim died on the spot.

Earlier this month, even if a man died when he willfully for a train was pushed.

The victim was around 20.00 pm in Queens when the woman attacked. Attendees said the woman's husband for a while introverted followed.

A police spokesman announced that it seemed as if the man had not noticed.

Camera Images 
The woman sat on a bench and held the man in the eye. As the train approached she jumped up and pushed the man on the rails. After her act she fled the station.

On camera images of the station, she briefly, the woman is described as a Hispanic in his twenties. The police are still looking for her.

The identity of the man is not known. The police hope more to learn about him through his wallet and his laptop, which at the scene of the crime are found.

The man wore a blue-gray ski jacket and sneakers. According to the police knew the man and the woman are not.

On 3 December, the 58-year-old Han Ki-Suck for a subway station at Times Square pushed. Not long afterwards arose considerable controversy, because the day after a photograph was published on the front page of New York Post shortly before the man was hit.

Critics said the photographer had to help shoot, instead of pulling his camera. The photographer said that the victim was too far away and that he tried to flash the driver of the subway to warn.

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